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Microsoft Essays - Steve Jobs, Personal Computing,

Microsoft In the early 80s the world so the initial boom of the computer era. The first personal computers were sold and the main players of the business were sorted out. Two of the prominent figures were Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Each pioneering their own front, the two entered the 90s as the computer world celebrities. By the mid 90s each of these tycoons' life had taken many turns and twists, albeit for the better usually. Bill Gates' 1995 was a bit hectic, this was the year of the huge unveiling of windows 95. After many delayed attempts to get it out Gates released windows 95 in August without Microsoft Plus, as had been earlier said, this was due to time restrictions as changing windows 95 to 96 would be a waste of money and probably more seriously the worst move commercially any company would ever make. With the release of Windows 95 the world saw the largest over media onslaught to sell a product. Also with the release of Windows came Microsoft's foray into the Internet market share. In hindsight this perhaps may not have been the best move to make. 1996 passed with much criticism of Gates' operating system, people said it was unstable, hard to figure out and anything else possible. 1997 came around with rumours of a new operating system in the works dubbed Chicago. This was perhaps a rumour but more likely the beginning of Windows 98. In 1998 Gates released this newer version of Windows 95, which made the world Gates' subject for the biggest beta test ever. Windows 98 was just an upgrade of 95. Upgrade may be an understatement, but on the surface it is almost identical, underneath they are worlds apart. Recently Microsoft's ghosts have come to haunt them. Netscape, their main rival in the Internet division, had started an Anti-trust case in the federal supreme court. The accusations spawned from a dispute where Netscape's browser were being loaded onto pre made Compaq computers and Microsoft did not approve of this. This case has recently come to the end of its first stage with Microsoft falling guilty. The consequences have yet to come, but are foreseen in the coming months. This most likely will not spell the end of Gates' empire rather actually may boost his worth by making him CEO of 4 giant specialised companies. Steve Jobs, a cofounder of Apple Computers Inc., has also had good fortune with the computer world, but also had his fair share of hiccups. In 1985 after the Macintosh had had troubles selling as much as wished Steve Jobs was forced out of Apple. From here he went on to try and rebuild a new frontier in media, 3D animation. After leaving Apple he formed a new company, Next Inc. this was a hardware/software development company. He then went on in 1986 to purchase a controlling share in Pixar, a LucasFilm branch that dealt with 3D animation. In 1989 Next released its first computer at $10,000 which was incompatible and did not sell well, 4 years later they shut down their hardware division. In 1996 Apple bought out Next. Inc. and uses Jobs as a part time consultant. This aids Apple to become one of the top players in the world of computers in 1998. Some of Pixar's achievements are; Toy Story, the first full length film created soley by computers. "A Bug's Life" released and is a hit. And February 1999, Technical Academy Award to Pixar's David DiFrancesco for "pioneering efforts in the development of laser film recording technology". These achievements of both these men have helped to fuel the second wave of the computer revolution. The third is on the horizon as the information superhighway's potential will be seen in the next couple of years.

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Chlorophyll Definition and Role in Photosynthesis

Chlorophyll Definition and Role in Photosynthesis Chlorophyll is the name given to a group of green pigment molecules found in plants, algae, and cyanobacteria. The two most common types of chlorophyll are chlorophyll a, which is a blue-black ester with the chemical formula  C55H72MgN4O5, and chlorophyll b, which is a  dark green ester with the formula C55H70MgN4O6. Other forms of chlorophyll include chlorophyll c1, c2, d, and f. The forms of chlorophyll have different side chains and chemical bonds, but all are characterized by a chlorin pigment ring containing a magnesium ion at its center. Key Takeaways: Chlorophyll Chlorophyll is a green pigment molecule that collects solar energy for photosynthesis. Its actually a family of related molecules, not just one.Chlorophyll is found in plants, algae, cyanobacteria, protists, and a few animals.Although chlorophyll is the most common photosynthetic pigment, there are several others, including the anthocyanins. The word chlorophyll comes from the Greek words chloros, which means green, and phyllon, which means leaf.  Joseph Bienaimà © Caventou and Pierre Joseph Pelletier first isolated and named the molecule in 1817. Chlorophyll is an essential pigment molecule for photosynthesis, the chemical process plants use to absorb and use energy from light. Its also used as a food coloring (E140) and as a deodorizing agent. As a food coloring, chlorophyll is used to add a green color to pasta, the spirit absinthe, and other foods and beverages. As a waxy  organic compound, chlorophyll is not soluble in water. It is mixed with a small amount of oil when its used in food. Also Known As: The alternate spelling for chlorophyll is chlorophyl. Role of Chlorophyll in Photosynthesis The overall balanced equation for photosynthesis is: 6 CO2 6 H2O → C6H12O6 6 O2 where carbon dioxide and water react to produce glucose and oxygen. However, the overall reaction doesnt indicate the complexity of the chemical reactions or the molecules that are involved. Plants and other photosynthetic organisms use chlorophyll to absorb light (usually solar energy) and convert it into chemical energy. Chlorophyll strongly absorbs blue light and also some red light. It poorly absorbs green (reflects it), which is why chlorophyll-rich leaves and algae appear green. In plants, chlorophyll surrounds photosystems in the thylakoid membrane of organelles called chloroplasts, which are concentrated in the leaves of plants. Chlorophyll absorbs light and uses resonance energy transfer to energize reaction centers in photosystem I and photosystem II. This happens when energy from a photon (light) removes an electron from chlorophyll in reaction center P680 of photosystem II. The high energy electron enters an electron transport chain. P700 of photosystem I works with photosystem II, although the source of electrons in this chlorophyll molecule can vary. Electrons that enter the electron transport chain are used to pump hydrogen ions (H) across the thylakoid membrane of the chloroplast. The chemiosmotic potential is used to produce the energy molecule ATP and to reduce NADP to NADPH. NADPH, in turn, is used to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) into sugars, such as glucose. Other Pigments and Photosynthesis Chlorophyll is the most widely recognized molecule used to collect light for photosynthesis, but its not the only pigment that serves this function. Chlorophyll belongs to a larger class of molecules called anthocyanins. Some anthocyanins function in conjunction with chlorophyll, while others absorb light independently or at a different point of an organisms life cycle. These molecules may protect plants by changing their coloring to make them less attractive as food and less visible to pests. Other anthocyanins absorb light in the green portion of the spectrum, extending the range of light a plant can use. Chlorophyll Biosynthesis Plants make chlorophyll from the molecules glycine and succinyl-CoA. There is an intermediate molecule called protochlorophyllide, which is converted into chlorophyll. In angiosperms, this chemical reaction is light-dependent. These plants are pale if they are grown in darkness because they cant complete the reaction to produce chlorophyll. Algae and non-vascular plants dont require light to synthesize chlorophyll. Protochlorophyllide forms toxic free radicals in plants, so chlorophyll biosynthesis is tightly regulated. If iron, magnesium, or iron are deficient, plants may be unable to synthesize enough chlorophyll, appearing pale or chlorotic. Chlorosis may also be caused by improper pH (acidity or alkalinity) or pathogens or insect attack.

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Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Culture - Essay Example iscuss whether or not there are ‘good’ stereotypes and discuss the pros and cons of the stereotype in the hope of understanding and logically assessing the veracity of this stereotype. The stereotype: homeless people are lazy drunks, have been used to describe and portray the picture of homelessness in America. The source of this stereotype has not exactly been pinpointed, however, the fact that homeless drunks make up about 30 to 40% of the total homeless population may be blamed for this stereotype (Jones, â€Å"News†). The fact that these homeless drunks are often the ones who gain the most attention from society because of their occasionally disorderly behavior may be one of the factors which contribute to the development of this stereotype. Many studies and statistics however were able to disprove this stereotype. In a paper by Jones (â€Å"News†) she disputes the claim that 90% of homeless people are drug or alcohol abusers. She firmly disputes these claims by citing accurate sources of statistics on the homeless people. She cites the US Interagency Council on Homelessness, the National Coalition for the Homeless and the Los Angeles Services Au thority as accurate sources for statistics on the homeless people (Jones â€Å"News†). Based on her review of statistics from these agencies, about 25 to 39% of the homeless population is composed of children. She then poses the question, on whether or not it is really true that these children can be drunks. On a more accurate note, Jones (â€Å"News†) notes that most of the addiction and alcohol abuse was seen after these people became homeless, not after. She also point out that substance abuse statistics from a Los Angeles survey reveal that 42% of the homeless were drug or alcohol users. Clearly, these figures are still well below the 90% rate that previous reports claim. She also points out that the more likely split in the statistics surrounding the homeless people is at 33%. This represents 33%

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Managing Change Project Feasibility Study Essay

Managing Change Project Feasibility Study - Essay Example Despite having a remarkable growth, there is a need to evaluate alternative fuel vehicles or more hybrid vehicles that align with consumer interests for the company to set the pace in the competitive world and dominate a position in the market place. Currently, gasoline prices have been so high thus affecting the Company’s earnings. Following this, hybrid vehicles are a significant approach to augment a positive change in the organization. The benefit of introducing hybrid cars is that, it will attribute technical and economical benefits. It is worth noting that, hybrid cars will benefit the company and the country that from gasoline saving not affected by high prices of oil. This advantage will also benefit clients as the government gives reductions to taxes attributed by gasoline savings thus overcome much crisis related to oil prices. With this in mind, the future of ABC car hire looks brighter with rapid developments of the hybrid vehicles that will improve the companyâ₠¬â„¢s earnings, economical benefit that in turn, benefits consumers. For the past years, the company utilizes gasoline that tends to be a high cost. Baearing this in mind, the United State’s dependency on the foreign oil is extremely high, and with ever shifting concern of the Middle Eastern climate teetering at impulsive level, there is a need to consider hybrid vehicles. ... te need of this project is that, gasoline has major effects on the health, environment, and the economic change that hybrid vehicles might dissipate if used. In consideration, a hybrid vehicle is the automobile with two or more sources of propulsion power. The hybrid power sources include coal, electricity, radio waves, electromagnetic, liquefied natural gas, solar, and air engine. With no doubt, there are advantages of using different power sources such as, eradicating oil politics. Globally, the Middle East has an extreme authority due to the oil deposits in that region. In this regard, some of the wars in that region have largely affected the oil prices. Following this, if the company has domestic power source for cars, this strong effect on oil prices would not affect the company. As gas prices continues to go up all the time and as climate change becomes more serious, there is a strong need of introducing hybrid cars that use two or more different power sources. Such combination makes these cars lower emissions and increase fuel efficiency compared to traditional gas cars. At these tentative economic times, when fuel efficiency matters, hybrid cars have many benefits over traditional cars that the company has used over years. Section B This section provides an outline of the proposed change and describes how this should be undertaken. To evaluate the viability of the hybrid vehicles; the management will assess the available types of fuel in the company. While there are various options of alternative fuels available, most are impractical. For instance, after carrying a thorough research, I found out that, the most popular power used is gasoline, which tends to be more expensive compared to other power sources. Ultimately, the only economical, practical, and

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Fixed and Floating Charge Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Fixed and Floating Charge - Essay Example It is imperative to observe that the stipulations fixed charge as well as equitable mortgage are every now and then utilized in replacement with each other( Rawlings, 1997). A floating charge is a charge that does not primarily fasten itself to a specific resource or property which implies the fact that the borrower is permitted to arrange the resources as he otherwise she desires devoid of having to obtain the authorization of the lender. It transmits to a varying group of present as well as prospective assets until it is which characteristically takes place when the borrower evades on the credit. The Floating charges are well thought-out as being valuable for the borrower for the reason that they permit the borrower to award the lender a safety interest, however at the equivalent time, the borrower is capable enough to utilize the asset within the standard course of trade devoid of disruption. Similar to the United Kingdom as well as other English-law provinces, the United States distinguishes the maintenance of an everlasting charge or else safety over liquid guarantee. No variations, on the other hand, are made amid the fixed as well as the floating charges within the U.S. regulation. If the groups inflowing into the safekeeping conformity used language comparable to that characteristically used in a floating charge, that affection would take place at the instance the agreement is penetrated into relatively than floating over the asset as it would underneath the English law. This appreciation of a floating security interest in surplus of the agreement pronounces the proposal that a fixed security interest is not automatically irreconcilable through the borrower having the autonomy to make use of as well as sell off the protected asset within the regular course of company. Nevertheless, beneath U.S. law, the contractual security conformity provides if the borrower is permitted to set out of the guarantee free of the safekeeping interest. If the borrower is authorized to advertise the goods, then the security interest within the goods is extinguished with the lender's interest persists during any earnings resulting from the auct ion. The Fixed charges are well thought-out particularly beneficial for the reason that they provide the creditor the precedence over privileged creditors along with holders of the floating charges when the borrower defaulting(Rawlings, 1997). Spectrum Plus: The House of Lords settled with the High Court in decision that it was an indispensable attribute of a fixed charge on book debts that the borrower's accurate to contract with mutually the debts themselves as well as their earnings be adequately constrained. In the expressions of Lord Scott of Foscote: The indispensable assessment of a book debt as a protection lies within the currency that can be attained from the debtor within the payment. This was without a doubt conflicting with the conception that a fixed charge over the debts had to confine the dealings mutually with the debts as well as their earnings. on the other hand, the House of Lords was not bound by New Bullas as well as decided

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Acoustic Design in Architecture

Acoustic Design in Architecture Introduction The purpose of this report is to produce a design scheme for the conversion of a large room to a multi use theatre. The report will present the necessary things that need to be considered to ensure a satisfactory acoustic environment by measuring the problems encountered with acoustic design and how to tackle them. The report will look at the problems related to this space and present possible solutions and recommendations based on the information available. Initial plan As in every case, this room presents its own unique set of problems, which involve very common factors such as the shape and size of the room, the intended use of the space, the budget and the basic laws of acoustics. The stage will be best positioned at the centre of the east wall, as shown in Fig.1 The audience depth will be shallow and wide so that the best can be appreciated from a presentation or performance both visually and acoustically. More importantly, the sound reaching the audience will be evenly distributed.   With the stage positioned on the east wall, the obvious step is to place the mixing desks and equipment storage in the boxed area opposite the stage. The walls are made of plasterboard. The room measures 15.176m wide and 12.176 long with an extra pocket on the side measuring 5m by 3.396m. The seating capacity will be approximately 80-100. Problems Although this is the logical way to position the stage and seating, there is a big problem with the design that needs to be ironed out; the roof is high and airy on one side of the room yet low and dense on the other. As symmetry is critical in acoustic design, this is a big problem. However, difficulties would also arise if the stage were positioned at one of the narrower sides of the room because the audience would still not get even sound distribution. The windows pose another big problem for the proposal of the design. If they were a desired feature a sound-reducing window could be fitted, but these are expensive and usually favoured in recording studios or places where visual presentation is not involved. For the purposes of this project, which must accommodate controlled lighting and projectors, daylight and the changes in daylight would be unacceptable. The need for windows in this case is redundant. The project funding cannot warrant electrical devices to control reverberation but sufficient commitment needs to be made towards sound reinforcement. For the purpose of renting the space to organisations outside of the university, it needs to be classed as a music venue, which brings with it its own set of requirements in terms of equipment and maintenance as well as in the acoustic design. Tests with sound inside the space need to be conducted before the speaker arrangement can be determined. Solutions and recommendations Walls The wall opposite the stage will need diffusers to distribute or absorb the sound and regulate reverberation time. Curtains along the back of the stage area will give more options once the venue is up and running and could also be extended to the north and south walls, in addition to the absorbers and diffusers. Rigid Rocksil walling is excellent, but expensive. There are many fiberboard solutions on the market, which would be a cheaper alternative. These can be screwed to the existing wall. Floor A cheap and effective option for the floor is heavy felt carpet underlay with a compressed carpet on the top. An attractive, but more expensive alternative would be to lay wooden flooring over the top of the thick underlay; the hard surface of the wood could enhance the sound quality; too much soft furnishing may deaden the sound. Ceiling The best solution to the problem with the ceiling is to find a balance between the sound generated under the high ceiling, with that being generated under the low side. As the area on one side of the room will have a different sound quality to the other side, absorbers need to be fitted to the high ceiling to counteract echo and a set of diffusers to the low ceiling to maximise the quality of the sound, (see figure 2). An aesthetic feature can be made of the high section of the ceiling using the reflectors and absorbers. Windows doors The solid fire doors will not leak much sound. Vibration leaked through the doorframe can be greatly decreased using doorframe sound gaskets. The windows would be best removed or blocked with absorbers. An air conditioning system will need to be installed, even if the windows remain, air conditioning is still absolutely necessary with so much insulation. Free standing absorbers Another ideal way to add flexibility to the working design of the studio is to include freestanding sound absorbers, deflectors and diffusers. These can be moved around to fit with the nature of performance or presentation and the size of the audience. They can also be custom made without too much expense. Conclusion The initial problem facing this project faces is the multi purpose use for which it has been designated and the flexibility that is required from the finished design. Live music and speech require different methods of application in acoustic design. Speech and drama performances depend largely on design made with good intelligibility in mind, where as acoustic design for music venues needs to take other factors into consideration that may not work out best for speech and vice versa. In addition to this, The University has limited funds for the project. The important factor here is that the design must be finished to a competitive standard and the venue must be able to operate smoothly if The University is to make the theatre a commercial success. More research needs to be carried out inside the room to determine how, exactly, the issue with the ceiling can be properly resolved. The acoustics of the space will need to be tested before work is carried out, using a small sound system that can establish the extent of change in sound from one side of the room to the other. Bibliography Makrinenko, L., Ed, Bradley, J.S.,1986. Acoustics of Auditoriums in Public Buildings, New York: Acoustical Society of America. Elsea P, 1996. ACOUSTIC TREATMENT FOR HOME STUDIOS, California: University of California Santa Cruz. Ed. Wallace Clement Sabine, 1921. Collected Papers on Acoustics, New York:v Acoustical Society of America Acoustic Absorbers and Diffusers: Theory, Design, and Application  by Trevor J. Cox, Peter D’Antonio, Spon Press (April 1, 2004)

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The Argument on the Legalization of Same Sex Marriages Essay -- Papers

The Argument on the Legalization of Same Sex Marriages The argument over the legalization of same sex marriages is rapidly becoming one of the most vigorously advocated reform subjects in recent law review. Being gay and loving someone is not illegal, but uniting that couple in a legal marriage is rejected by most of society in this country. Each state has had to deal with legal issues concerning same sex marriages to some extent. Most supporters of the ban on gay marriages believe that it would be a strong cause of immorality and corruption of the American family. People who do not support same sex marriages believe that it would create an unhealthy family, and could cause serious harm to children in that family, while supporters of same sex marriages believe that they are being denied the benefits such as establishing a right of survivorship, co-partner medical and retirement benefits. It is felt by most homosexuals that these benefits would help create a stronger stability in a long-term relationship. Most of the volunteer and financial support against gay marriage comes from religious groups or churches. ?Catholics, Mormons, and evangelists make up more than 40 percent of California?s population, and raised millions of dollars to pass the amendment.? Same sex marriages are both mentally and physically wrong in the minds of most parishioners. They find the concept immoral because according to the Bible, sex between members of the same sex is strictly prohibited, much less marriage. Proposition 22 was one of many campaigns led by religious conservatives, which prohibits California from allowing marital rights to gay couples who married in another state, and it only recognizes marriages between man and a woman. ... ...iages will also someday in the future be legalized. Bibliography: California Protection of Marriage Initiative. Feb.2000 Online Posting. 11 Nov. 2000 ( Defense of Marriage Act. May 1996 Online Posting. 28 Nov. 2000 ( Lesbian and Gay Marriage Resource Site. April 2000 Online Posting 10 Oct. 2000 ( DodgeGlobe: The Dodge City Daily Globe-Court grants April. 2000 Online Posting. 8 Oct. 2000 ( California Bars Gay Marriage Mar. 2000 Online Posting 11 Nov. 2000 ( Stiers, Gretchen A. From This Day Forward St. Martins Press, New York, NY, 1998

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Benefits of being Multilingual Essay

In today’s society, being one step ahead can account for a lot. In the modern day world, people of all cultures are constantly intercepting in one way or another, whether it be at work, in stores, or in their own neighborhoods. How could you live so close to someone and not being able to communicate with them? It’s nearly impossible. This reason, exactly, especially considering America’s diversity, is why being multilingual is pushed and praised so heavily across the world. Many of today’s youth look at being multilingual as a ‘scary’ thing, but why? It is scary because we fear the unknown. It is a problem that, multi-linguists is not common in urban American because the youth is ignorant to all its benefits. According to research done by ATLA, depending on your language background, you can become fluent in another language in as little as three months, or it may take you years. Every person is different, and the time it takes to learn a new language is based upon how much time you can devote to studying, your natural ability to learn languages, and your ultimate goal in learning the language. It is important to learn the language of others because of emigration. It is common to live just next door to someone not of your same decent or someone with the same culture background as yours. Being that this is so, you must know how to speak with them, if not just for courteous purposes. As well as if you work with someone, you might be placed in situations that would require you to partner up with someone of a different native tongue than yours, and if you cannot successfully converse then you will not perform so well, which could ultimately result in problems on your job. Also, when in school, you may be faced with a certain subject that catches your interest but the content may be published in a foreign language. Knowing another language could grant you access to materials you may have never had the opportunity to learn from. For more secretive people, if you make friends with someone who speaks another language as yourself, then you could hold a private conversation in a room full of people, and just because they aren’t fluent and you are, it would be like having your own private, or secret language. Aspects of money come to play as well when discussing benefits of multi-linguistics. If you can speak more than one language, especially one not common to your local area, then you are more at an advantage to someone who is only unilingual. Jobs are more likely to hire you over someone who can only speak English because of the scarcity of multilingual laborers. The traveling thing will also come into play, everyone secretly dreams to travel the world one day and visit all the lands of the unknown, and if you could break the language barrier, then your travels would be, probably, safer, more enjoyable, and more of a learning experience. As you can see, there are more than an infinite amount of reasons why we should explore other languages from around the world, and not only the common ones, but those that are less popular. Though learning a second language is both time consuming and requires tons of dedication, the benefits that you can reap are more than a reward.

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Definition of Bleeding Kansas

Definition of Bleeding Kansas Bleeding Kansas was a term coined to describe violent conflicts in the US territory of Kansas from 1854 to 1858. The violence was provoked when the residents of Kansas had to decide for themselves whether to become a slave state or a free state.The unrest in Kansas amounted to a civil conflict on a small scale, and was something of a premonition of the full-scale war Civil War that was split the nation less than a decade later. The outbreak of hostilities in Kansas was essentially a proxy war, with pro-slavery and anti-slavery sympathizers in the North and South sending manpower as well as weapons. As events unfolded, elections were decided by outsiders flooding into the territory, and two different territorial legislatures were established. The violence in Kansas became a subject of fascination, with reports often being carred in the newspapers of the day. It was the influential New York City editor, Horace Greeley, who was crediting with coining the term Bleeding Kansas. Some of the violence in Kansas was perpetrated by John Brown, a fanatical abolitionist who traveled, with his sons, to Kansas so they might slaughter pro-slavery settlers. Background of the Violence The atmosphere in the United States in the 1850s was tense, as the crisis over slavery became the most prominent issue of the day. The acquisition of new territories following the Mexican War led to the Compromise of 1850, which seemed to settle the question of which parts of the country would allow slavery. In 1853, when Congress turned its attention to the Kansas-Nebraska territory and how it would be organized into states to come into the Union.  The battle over slavery began again. Nebraska was far enough north that it would clearly be a free state, as required under the Missouri Compromise of 1820. The question was about Kansas: would it come into the Union as a free state or a slave state? An influential Democratic senator from Illinois, Stephen Douglas, proposed a solution he called popular sovereignty. Under his proposal, the residents of a territory would vote to decide if slavery would be legal. The legislation put forth by Douglas, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, would essentially overturn the Missouri Compromise and allow slavery in states where the citizens voted for it. The Kansas-Nebraska Act was immediately controversial. (For instance, in Illinois a lawyer who had given up on politics, Abraham Lincoln, was so offended by it that he resumed his political career.) With the decision in Kansas approaching, anti-slavery activists from northern states began flooding into the territory. Pro-slavery farmers from the South also began to arrive. The new arrivals began to make a difference in voting. In November 1854 an election to choose a territorial delegate to send to the U.S. Congress resulted in many illegal votes. The following spring an election to choose a territorial legislature resulted in Border Ruffians coming across the border from Missouri to ensure a decisive (if disputed) win for pro-slavery candidates. By August 1855 the anti-slavery people who had come into Kansas rejected the new state constitution, created what they called a free-state legislature, and created a free-state constitution known as the Topeka Constitution. In April 1856 the pro-slavery government in Kansas set up in its capital, Lecompton. The federal government, accepting the disputed election, considered the Lecompton legislature as the legitimate government of Kansas. Eruptions of Violence Tensions were high, and then on May 21, 1856, pro-slavery riders entered the free soil town of Lawrence, Kansas, and burned homes and businesses. To retaliate, John Brown and some of his followers dragged five pro-slavery men from their homes at Pottawatomie Creek, Kansas, and murdered them. The violence even reached the halls of Congress. After an abolitionist senator from Massachusetts, Charles Sumner, delivered a blistering speech denouncing slavery and those who supported it in Kansas, he was beaten nearly to death by a South Carolina congressman. A truce was finally worked out by a new territorial governor, though violence continued to flare until finally dying down in 1859. Significance of Bleeding Kansas It was estimated that the skirmishing in Kansas ultimately cost about 200 lives. While it was not a major war, it was important as it showed how the tensions of slavery could lead to violent conflict. And in a sense, Bleeding Kansas was a precursor to the Civil War, which would violently split the nation in 1861.

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Medical Tourism Market in UK Essay Example

Medical Tourism Market in UK Essay Example Medical Tourism Market in UK Paper Medical Tourism Market in UK Paper Healthcare field has advanced and spread its wing through offering treatment for people from different countries at an affordable cost. Medical Tourism may not be a new phenomena but it is growing at a great rate offering numerous benefits to all the players in the industry. Medical tourism refers to travelling abroad for a medical treatment which would rather be expensive or might be unavailable in ones country. Woodman, J 2007 3) There are several benefits for medical tourism to the patient and the host country. This service provides a unique opportunity for anybody to access the best quality of medical care at a lower cost than he would get at home. One of the target groups is the one which has no health insurance, this group consists of people who have no medical cover and can not afford to pay for it at home. With a large number of people currently uninsured, this creates a huge potential for the people who would travel outside the country as medical tourists. They often travel to country where quality and affordable treatment can be offered. There are several countries where medical tourism is offered as a package, they include Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand, India, South American countries such as Brazil, Argentina among others. South Africa is currently emerging as a medical tourist destination where this service is being offered as a package together with wildlife watching. (Bookman, M and Bookman, K 2007 46) The other market that is targeted for this service includes people who are seeking treatment that is not offered locally. There are some procedures which are not offered in Untied Kingdom either due to government regulation or the cost involved in performing these procedures. Those in need of such treatment will often travel to the countries where they are available at an affordable cost. (Rai, V and Simon, W 2007 68) Insurance become the other factor determining who seeks treatment abroad, those people who can afford health cover back at home are faced with a challenge when it comes to what a given medical cover can include. There are some procedures that are not covered by medical insurance; one of them is orthopaedic operation especially the hip and knee replacements, due to this technicality people seeking such a treatment will often travel to the countries where they can get this service at a reduced cost and at a convenience time. (Hollway, C 2006 165) There are people who are insured but find it hard and tiring to wait for the procedures which might take long to be performed. Given the population and the facilities available to perform surgical procedure in a country which heavily depends on the public health care one can wait for along period before the procedure is carried out. Therefore these people will be a potential target for the medical tourism. (Arielle, G 2006 23) All the above groups form the target market as far as this growing and lucrative industry is concerned. They are some countries which promote these services as a package with other products offered in the tourism industry. The person seeking this medical service will be offered these other services together as a way of rewarding them for the business they have provided to the host country. (Tourism Research Marketing 2006 87). There are benefits that go along with this form of service; the patients who travel for medical treatment abroad have the opportunity of receiving quality treatment from some of the best health practitioners at a very affordable cost. Medical care can be very expensive in United Kingdom such that some of the people can not afford to pay for themselves. There fore they opt to travel outside the country where they can get the same service and at times better quality at a cost which they can afford to pay. Therefore these people are able to save on cost and at the same time get a chance to travel outside the country away from their daily activities. Those who are uninsured or underinsured continue to receive medical attention even when the circumstances they might be in can not allow. Despite their situation with the health insurance they have a chance to receive quality care (Singh, P 2008 56) Those people seeking these services have a chance of combining recuperation with leisure. Most of the service providers offer their patients a chance to recuperate while enjoying the best their countries have to offer. The medical tourist seeking treatment in India are offered other services such as wild watching, something which can result to a quick recovery. The patient is offered a unique environment away from the daily bustle of life, away from the daily disturbance which can make the recovery period stressful but in this case they are kept in a good environment where they relax. To have a non emergency procedure done in a United Kingdom health facility one would have to wait for a long time before this is done. With medical tourism this can be done at one’s convenience and at an appropriate time. One only needs to make an arrangement with the service provided and the procedure can be done within the same day. This gives the patient a good chance to plan and at the same time one doe’s not waste time waiting for along list to be cleared as in the case with the public health service back home. (Gupta, A 2008 102) Medical tourism helps in saving cost, reducing waiting time, ensuring the uninsured access quality care while offering the patient a unique opportunity to mix tourism and recapuration. This growing industries will continue to grow as the world embrace the concept which not only helps the host country but also leave those seeking the service satisfied. Bibliography Woodman, J (2007). Patient Beyond Borders, Health Travel Media, Chapel Hill,NC Bookman, M and Bookman, K (2007). Medical Tourism in Developing Countries, Palgrave Macmillan, New York Hollway, C (2006). The Business of Tourism, Prentice Hall, London Rai, V and Simon, W (2007). Think India, Dutton, New York Tourism Research Marketing (2006). Medical Tourism: Global Analysis, Atlas Gupta, A (2008) Outsourcing and Offshoring Professional Services, Idea Group Inc Singh, P (2008) Medical Tourism: Global Outlook, Kanashika Publishers Arielle, G (2006) Medical Tourism: How you can Save Thousand Dollars, Travel Wings

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APN credentialing boards Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

APN credentialing boards - Research Paper Example A common and significant group of nurses are the Advanced Nursing Practitioners. The Advanced Nursing Practice activities however, cannot be without scrutiny. Practices headed and managed by APNs have become wide spread. This has seen the emergence of credentialing boards like; American Nursing credentialing centre, National Certification Corporation and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. These credentialing institutions perform the duty of giving license, validating clinical experience, giving education preparations and certify nursing practices. APN credentialing boards 1.0. Introduction Over the years they have been emergence on numerous nursing practices. Advanced nursing practice has evolved from being an informal hidden specialty and has become a formal practice with wide spread recognition. It is due to this recognition that it has drawn interests in governments to come up with standards and modes of operations for APNs. Credentialing boards have also been formed. Cr edentialing boards are given the duty to determine whether certain activities are within the scope of operations of APNs. These boards set the ground work for the operation rules, regulations and ethics in the APN practice. According to Fulton & Lyon (2009) the decision making boards also help the APNs to make right decisions in the line of duty. Additionally, the institutions also take the views of advanced nursing practice before coming up with decisions. They consult all groups of nurses under the advanced nursing practice. This essay shall focus on the different credentialing boards and their impacts on the APNs. 2.0. Body The ANP is a broad group which has the capacity of carrying out different and complex duties in a health institution (Carr, Layzel & Christensen, 2010). These duties include administration of health care organizations, implementing and developing health care policies, managing of individuals and groups of patients and the direct care of individual patients. 2. 1. American Association of Critical Care Nurses The American Association of Critical Care Nurses, as one of the credentialing boards is responsible for offering the APNs with an opportunity to take part in programs that boost their careers (McLeod & McGloin, 2010).The nurses are also presented with an opportunity to interact with other nurses; thus, enhance their career through interactions. Through this body, nurses have also gained an opportunity to access various certifications that place them in a better opportunity to get jobs. Through these programs, they are also able to acquire information on how to handle tasking situations that they may encounter in their career, therefore, have a successful career life. Of essence, this board enhances the nursing skills in a tremendous manner. 2.2. American Midwifery Certification Board The American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB) is yet another credentialing board of the ANPs. This body has been credited for its contribution in keep ing the nurses updated with the major role they are faced with in provision of services to the public. The body also provides the nurses with certification programs, for instance, AMCB certification tests, as well as approval by the nursing council (Ament, 2007). 2.3. American Nurses Credentialing Center The American Nurses Credentialing Center is one of the most prominent credentialing boards in the world (Masters, 2009). This association is charged with the responsibility

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Female labor force in Turkey Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Female labor force in Turkey - Research Paper Example 257). However, as time moved on, the number of women in the labor force started increasing rapidly from 1960 s through 1980s before starting to slow down in 1990s. By 1999, women made 60% of the world labor force which was considered as their peak participation in the labor market. However, since 1999, women participation in the labor force has greatly declined. This can be attributed to a number of reasons, which includes; lack of education, poverty, gender biasness in the employment sector and predominance of men in white-collar jobs such as medicine, engineering and law (Vaizey, P. 57). Nonetheless, across the world women participation in the labor force remains at a relative high level especially among women with children, and a good number of women does a full-time job all year round. The high number of women in the job market can also be attributed to the fact that women have increasingly ventured in the field of education, and a good number of them have acquired higher levels of education. Among women aged between 25-64 years of age in the labor force, the number of those who had attained a college degree tripled from the year 1970 to 2012 (Mills, P. 41). In terms of earnings, women’s earnings in relation to the men’s earning have also been growing since the Second World War 2. During 1970s, women’s earnings were 62% of the men’s earning among women who had a full-time job during that time. In 2012, women’s earning was calculated as 81% of the men’s earning for women who had a full-time job at that time. This trend indicates that women’s population continues to increase in the labor force as time goes by. In 2012, 57.7% of women were in the labor force while men labor force percentage which has always been more than that of women was quoted at 70.5% (Vatter, P. 8). Across the world, the women unemployment rate was 7.9 percent while that of men was 8.2 percent. The