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Reaction paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 4

Reaction paper - Essay Example This declaration which states that â€Å"The whole of Israel throughout the world is uniting to declare an economic and financial war on Germany†¦Fourteen million Jews scattered†¦tight to each other†¦declare war against the German persecutors,† was actually issued before Hitler’s government officially began restricting the rights of Jews (The Barnes Review 41-45). In addition, the speech of Benjamin Freedman, himself a former Jew, actually revealed that the Zionists guaranteed â€Å"We will guarantee to bring the United States into the war as your (Britain’s) ally, to fight with you on your side, if you will promise us Palestine after you win the war† (Freedman n. p.). This only proves one thing: the elite always has ulterior interests in provoking a war, and that because they are elites, this is never mentioned in history. Works Cited Freedman, Benjamin. â€Å"Germany and the Jews: The Role of the Jews in WWI and WWII.† Peter Myers, 2009. Web. 26 April 2011. The Barnes Review.

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High Cost of Poverty in the United States Essay Example for Free

High Cost of Poverty in the United States Essay Poverty can be defined in many different ways. In certain attempts, it can be used in numbers, while other definitions can be more vague, and used to define a life style. The defined term of poverty is â€Å"the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions†. (Mirriam Webster, 2011) According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 37 million people live below the poverty line. â€Å"The ranks of Americas poor swelled to almost 1 in 6 people last year, reaching a new high as long-term unemployment left millions of Americans struggling and out of work. The number of uninsured edged up to 49.9 million, the biggest in more than two decades.† (Yen, 2011) Poverty is obviously very common in our country, and all over the world. Even with the United States being the wealthiest country in the world, we still have many Americans who struggle everyday to survive. The topic I chose to focus on is the high cost of poverty, and how it actually costs more to be poor. Although it seems like an oxymoron, it is a very realistic topic. I chose this topic because I have personally been involved in both sides of economic statuses. Although I do not live in extreme poverty, I technically have an income that falls within the line of poverty, but I do not have a family to support and have student loans to live off of. I wanted to know further detail of how those who only experience poverty, have limited choices, and how their disadvantages actually cost them more money. My personal life experience is one from an upper middle class family, and was raised in a wealthy suburb in a predominately white community. My family never had financial struggles, so I had no experience with battling bills. I worked in high school and had my own money, but I had nothing to pay for. I thought I made a decent amount of money making $7 an hour, and only working 15-20 hours a week. For a person with no bills or rents to pay for, $150-200 a week was a lot to me. Recently, I moved out of my parent’s suburban home and into the city to be closer to school and gain some independence as an adult. I make about $250-400 a week, depending on the activity of the restaurant I waitress at. I soon realized that I am very dependent on my two roommates to split bills and rent, because I could never afford to live on my own. Although we live in a low income neighborhood, the cost of food, rent, electric, heat and cable bills stack up, and I struggle to pay them. I also only pay one third of the full cost. I have a car I need to put gas in, a gym membership I pay monthly and credit card bills every month. I now see how people that make just as much, or less than I do, struggle even more to make ends meet when their income is at the head of the household. I wanted to show to people that it is more expensive to be poor, because of the lack of resources, income and credit, and also what their options become for survival due to these circumstances. I also did a quantitative study on renting versus owning an item, to show that it actually costs more to rent something than to purchase it upfront. I chose to sample the same three items from two different stores, and recording the prices to see the differences of renting and owning it. I am aware that most individuals in poverty, usually do not have enough money to purchase items or homes upfront so they often rent them, thinking they can afford weekly or monthly payments to stretch out their income to afford other life necessities. My first concept I chose to focus was access to food. I thought about how much I spend on the food I enjoy for just for me personally, and I think it is expensive. I enjoy fruits and fresh vegetables, brand name cereals and expensive breads. Since I grew up eating the certain brands, I continue to try and afford the things I like. Being an individual with a low income, I cannot imagine supporting not only myself, but a family solely on my income. In this research paper, I will explain the hardships of getting to and from the grocery store, and if you cannot, you need to shop elsewhere, such as corner stores.† Prices in urban corner stores are almost always higher, economists say. And sometimes, prices in supermarkets in poorer neighborhoods are higher. Many of these stores charge more because the cost of doing business in some neighborhoods is higher.† [ (Brown, 2009) ] This can lead to spending extra time, danger, stress, and in the end, costing the individual more money. It also forces those with less money to spend, higher risk for obesity. â€Å"Inequitable access to healthy foods is one mechanism by which socioeconomic factors influence the diet and health of a population†. (Drewnowski, 2009) Since they do not have the money to afford healthy choices, they must choose foods that they can stretch out in order to feed their families, even if it is not healthy. My next concept I chose to study was the price of minimum wage, and how it isn’t really the minimum coverage of standard living. In New York State, the minimum wage is $7.25. â€Å"About 20% of American adults who have jobs are earning less than $10.65 an hour. Even at 40 hours a week, that amounts to less than $22,314, which is the poverty level for a family of four†. [ (Isidore, 2011) ]. This simply states that a monthly income of about $1,000-$2,000 is almost impossible to survive on. This may lead to bad credit, forced into renting, and having people do dangerous or criminal activity to get money or items for their families. The poverty rate for all people disguises substantial variation between racial and ethnic subgroups. Poverty rates for blacks and Hispanics greatly exceed the national average. According to the United States Census Bureau, â€Å"In 2010, 27.4 percent of blacks and 26.6 percent of Hispanics were poor, compared to 9.9 percent of non-Hispanic whites and 12.1 percent of Asians.† (Bureau of the Census, 2011) Poverty rates are most often the highest for families headed by single women, particularly if they are black or Hispanic. â€Å"In 2010, 31.6 percent of households headed by single women were poor, while 15.8 percent of households headed by single men and 6.2 percent of married-couple households lived in poverty.† (Bureau of the Census, 2011). â€Å"The official poverty level is an annual income of $22,314 for a family of four â€Å". (Yen, 2011) On average, depending on the size of a household, a family living in poverty has an average income of less than $20,000. This can include couples with children, single parents with one or more children. Needless to say, this is not a lot of money to support a family on, and thus they have to take extra steps to survive, which results in higher costs, and contributing to the statement of the high cost of poverty. You have to be rich to be poor. This is what some people, who have never lived below the poverty line, dont understand. The poorer you are, the more things cost. Additional steps in money, time, hassle, exhaustion, and danger. This is a fact of life that television, magazines and media, do not often explain. Take for example, food. First, if you do not have a car, getting to the supermarket can take anywhere from one to three hours of public transportation, and costing a price to use the bus or a taxi. To use the method of public transportation, it is necessary to have to loa d all of your groceries into the bus, or taxi. This is limiting to space and capability of carrying all of the groceries. A simpler version of this would be to walk to the corner store, for free, but where the grocery selection is limited and prices are doubled. â€Å"Prices in urban corner stores are almost always higher, economists say. And sometimes, prices in supermarkets in poorer neighborhoods are higher. Many of these stores charge more because the cost of doing business in some neighborhoods is higher.† (Brown, 2009) Also, if you are living in poverty, you will most likely not be making enough money to buy $100 or more worth of groceries for your family. This results in the person or family spending more money, to either get to the grocery store, or paying more for the food to save money traveling to and from. In the end, it is a losing situation, and the poor are paying more in the end than someone who is wealthy and has access to the necessary resources. Spending more money than middle class, or wealthy class to buy groceries is one example of how high the cost of poverty is. If the poor is spending money in the corner stores, they are most likely not getting nutritious foods or healthy choices that most corner stores do not carry. Obesity is a direct result from that, seeing that unhealthy foods cost way less than healthy eating does.† Obesity and type 2 diabetes follow a socioeconomic gradient. Highest rates are observed among groups with the lowest levels of education and income and in the most deprived areas. Inequitable access to healthy foods is one mechanism by which socioeconomic factors influence the diet and health of a population†. (Drewnowski, 2009) Low income levels leave people no choice but to choose foods that are nutrient poor, because it is a price that can afford and something they can stretch out among their whole family to feed them. It is also the best way to provide daily calories at an affordable c ost. Those who are struggling financially are clearly the most disadvantaged when it comes to healthy eating habits. In our grocery stores today we have so many artificial sweeteners, preservatives, fats and sweets that are sure to taste good, but not good for our health. Fats and sweets tend to cost way less, where as healthy foods cost more. It makes no sense to have unhealthy foods cost less than healthy foods, but it is the manufacturing and production that determines the cost of foods. Therefore, those who do not have the money to purchase healthy options have to choose foods that fit in their budget. These are usually unhealthy, packaged, canned or frozen options that have little to no nutritional value. Even those families that have government support, welfare checks and food stamps are still on a restricted budget. The foods they are allowed to get for free or reduced price are items such as fruit juices, canned fruits, cereal, grits, and corn tortillas. These items are all packed with sugar and calories which is not aiding in healthy lifestyles. â€Å"Researchers have shown that low-income neighborhoods attract more fast-food outlets and convenience stores as opposed to full-service supermarkets and grocery stores† (Drewnowski, 2009). This also relates back to travel costs, transportation and affording food. Since it is easier to get to the corner stores, it is a disadvantage to the customers because the corner stores are usually just packed with unhealthy options. It is economic deprivation that is a key factor in obesity, and one key factor of weight gain may be low diet cost. Another example of how the high cost of poverty is, is the price of minimum wage and if it really acceptable to be the minimum wage you can survive on. Most people and experts agree that to get out of an economic slump, we need more jobs. But another problem is that millions of Americans already have jobs that dont pay very much. â€Å"About 20% of American adults who have jobs are earning less than $10.65 an hour. Even at 40 hours a week, that amounts to less than $22,314, which is the poverty level for a family of four†. (Isidore, 2011) In New York State, the federal minimum wage is $7.25. Minimum wage is supposed to be the wage in which it is the bare minimum amount of money that one can survive on. Even at 40 hours a week, that equals to be $290 without taxes taken out. This would be a paycheck of about $250 for one week, and this equals about $1000 a month. Taking into consideration that those who are the working poor, they need to spend more money getting to and from work, which also costs extra time. They also need to pay bills, feed themselves and their families. For an individual making $1,000 a month, this is almost impossible to survive on even in minimal conditions. An average cost of rent in Buffalo NY is fairly inexpensive, and taking into consideration that Buffalo on of the poorest cities in the United States, we have to be aware that there is many people in the city below the poverty line. According to, An average one bedroom apartment in Buffalo is $679 a month and two bedroom apartment rents average $750. To see this in comparison to another large city, one bedroom apartments in New York City rent for $2356 a month on average and two bedroom apartment rents average $2767. Minimum wage is clearly not enough to survive on if your average monthly income is $1000. Out of $1000 income, you have to set aside an average of $600 for rent, leaving you $400 for car fees, if you have one, or transportation fees if you depend on them. If your apartment does not include utilities, you need money for electric bill, gas bills, which can skyrocket in our area when it is winter, cable or internet if possible, and food budget. Another example of a disadvantage the poor have is the actual process of cashing their check to get their money. The rich or middle class usually have the option of direct deposit for their paychecks. The poor have check-cashing and payday loan joints, which cost time and money. The poor pay more for financial services, and many people who cannot be capable to have a bank account may have to pay extra money for a money order to pay their bills and cash their checks. â€Å"They may pay a 2 percent check-cashing fee because they dont have bank services. (Brown, 2009) Many people in poverty literally live paycheck to paycheck. If they have a bill that’s due, they do not have a luxury of online payments, because they cannot afford computers or internet, so they have to mail it. If they do not have the money in time for a bill, they have to wait for their next paycheck. This can cost late fees, and in an end result, spending more money than a person with those luxuries. While many people are surviving in this manner, people will look for any way to get by without spending their money. Many people in poverty may depend on credit cards to help them afford things they cannot. Credit cards can help out for temporary reasons, but if not paid off, this can cause more problems. People who are struggling to pay their bills will most likely have bad credit, and have no other option but to rent homes, items, and many other things they cannot afford, due to their credit and income. Bad credit also costs more money than those with good credit. If a person does not have enough money to pay off bills in full, they will get extra interest charges and fees that stack up and end up costing more for them. Since I did not have the option of going into homes of the people in poverty, I decided to do research on items, rather than homes, to compare the costs of rent to own. Poor people do not have the option of owning homes, because of their credit and/or income, so they have no choice but to rent. I wanted to see if the price you pay for being a low income individual actually costs you more, than to own something. This is to show that poverty does in fact cost more to live I chose to look at a refrigerator, a range and a television from two different department stores to compare prices on a rent versus owning the item. My first item, the refrigerator, a 25.3 cubic foot, Side-by-Side with thru-the Door Ice and Water, Black color, was $799.99 to own immediately from Best Buy. At Rent- A-Center, the same exact refrigerator was $37.99 to rent per week, for 91 weeks. At first, it seems like a cheap deal and a realistic price for those who do not have the $799.99 upfront to spend. When you do the math, $37.99 per week for 91 weeks is $3457 total to own after renting at the $37.99 per week. This is over four times the price it would cost to buy at Best Buy and own immediately. I also learned that consumers can get a â€Å"discounted† price by purchasing the item after 90 days, which seemed a little better to me. When I did the math again, it would equal out to be $1728 total to own after renting for 90 days. This is still about double the price of buying it immediately. My next item I compared was the range. A GE-30† Freestanding Electric Range, Black-on-Black Quickset III oven. At Best Buy this was $429.99 to own immediately. Rent-A-Center had the same oven for $24.99 to rent per week for 74 weeks. The total to own after renting for 74 weeks at $24.99 was $ 1849. After 90 days of renting, the total price to own would be $924.63. The prices are clearly different, but yet it seems manageable when you are there. Looking at a price of $25 a week for a nice, brand new stove seems pretty manageable if you have a low income. When you look at the math and how much it will actually cost to rent rather than own, it is actually over four times the original price to own the oven upfront. The last item I compared was a television, an Insignia © Advanced 42† Class/1080p/ 120Hz/ LCD. This item from Best Buy was $749.99 to own immediately. Rent-A-Center had the same television for $39.99 to rent per week, for 74 weeks. It seems like a reasonable, affordable price until you calculate it and realize that it would cost $2959 total to own after 74 weeks of renting. This is about four times the original price. After 90 days of renting, the â€Å"discount† price to own, at Rent-A-Center is $1479, still double the original price. All three of the items I chose to compare are most needed in homes, with the exception of the television. Although it is not a necessity, almost all homes have at least one television. When those who are living in poverty want to own these items, they will have struggles to afford paying them. They turn to the option of renting because they see the low price and it appeals that it is affordable to them. The small payments they think they can afford weekly add up and end up costing them quadruple of original prices. In conclusion, being poor is a struggle. It costs much more money and time to be poor. Working lots of hours and making little money takes a toll on many people here in the United States. I wanted to show readers that this is a very realistic topic to study, and that the cost of poverty is high. The obstacles and disadvantages those in poverty have to deal with are frustrating, stressful ,and in need of change. Poverty is a very difficult thing to understand and take control over because lifestyles cannot be forced upon. People choose their own paths of life, and lack of education, jobs, motivation, children and many other situations are uncontrollable. In our society, I think it is important to know the struggles of those in poverty stricken situations and to understand their hardships. This can be motivation to those in it, or headed towards it in their future. Learning about the costs and disadvantages poverty comes with can be a motivating factor for people to go to college and get an education to receive a well paying job, get a job in general, educate themselves about saving money, and learning that renting is not cheaper than owning. Hopefully my research will be beneficial to those in college, living on low income, to do well in school to gain better jobs, educate those in poverty about the costs they are spending and figuring new alternatives, and to open eyes to those that think it is cheap to be poor. Being in poverty costs time and the cost of poverty is certainly high. In the end, the high cost of poverty will be a never ending cycle of time and money and I hope this research paper opens the eyes of all individuals to help make this problem change. Bibliography Brown, D. L. (2009). The High Cost of Poverty: Why the Poor Pay More. Lexis Nexis Academic , A-4. Bureau of the Census. (2011). Income Alternative Poverty Estimates in the United States. Washington D.C: U.S Census Bureau. Drewnowski, A. (2009). Nutrition Reviews: Obesity, diets, and social inequalities. Seattle: University of Washington. Isidore, C. (2011, September 27). CNN Money. Retrieved November 15, 2011, from Not getting by on minimum wage: Jason M. Sutherland, E. S. (2009). Getting Past Denial — The High Cost of Health Care in the United States. The New England Journal of Medicine , 1227-30. Mirriam Webster. (2011). Mirriam Webster Dictonary. Dictionary . Brittanica Company. Yen, H. (2011, September 13). Yahoo News. (A. Press, Ed.) Retrieved November 15, 2011, from Census: US poverty rate swells to nearly 1 in 6:

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Fredrick Douglass Essay -- essays research papers

FREDERICK DOUGLASS Frederick Douglass was born into slavery in 1817, in Tuckahoe, Maryland. Because his slave mother, Harriet Bailey, used to call him her "little valentine," he adopted February 14th as his birthday, not knowing the exact date of his birth. He knew very little about his mother since she was employed as a field hand on a plantation some twelve miles away, and she died when he was eight or nine years old. Douglass knew even less about his father, but it was rumored that he was the son of his White slave master, Aaron Anthony. Young Frederick was grossly mistreated. To keep from starving, on many occasions, he competed with his master's dogs for table scraps and bones. In 1825, he was sent to serve as a houseboy in the home of Hugh and Sophia Auld in Baltimore. Mrs Auld grew fond of him and sought to teach him to read and write. By the time her irate husband discovered the deed and put a stop to it, Douglass had acquired enough of the rudiments to carry on by himself. His life in Baltimore was interrupted in 1832 at the death of Captain Anthony. Frederick was passed along to the possession of Thomas Auld, Anthony's son-in-law. The lessons he learned about the evils of slavery and his hatred of the institution was deepened during his stay with Thomas Auld. He infuriated the Auld's by his refusal to call his owner "Master" instead of "Captain." Determined to crush the spirit of young Frederick, Thomas Auld hired him out to Ed...

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Rehabilitation, Not Capital Punishment Essay -- Argumentative Persuasi

Rehabilitation, Not Capital Punishment The death penalty is the punishment used in 38 states, and many other countries, as a way of disposing the people in society who are mentally or emotionally disturbed, love their families very much, have a bad temper, or just plain made a mistake. These reasons account for many homicides that take place each year. Capitol Punishment is just not humane and should not be legal. The argument most often used to support the death penalty in former-Soviet republics is the necessity of having a particularly efficacious deterrent against murders and other common crimes. However, none of the many studies about the matter have been able to show that death penalty is more of a deterrent than other punishments. It's completely wrong to think that most of those who commit serious crimes such as murders consider the consequences of their actions. Murders are often committed when the criminal is blinded with passion, when emotions prevail over reason. They are sometimes committed under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or in panic moments, when the culprit is discovered while he steals, as I mentioned already. Some murderers have very serious psychiatric problems or are mental patients. In none of these cases is it possible that the fear to be sentenced to death could act as an effective deterrent. There is another heavy limit. One who plans a crime rationally can choose to go on, although he knows the risk he's running, thinking that he won't be discovered. Most of the criminologists assert that the best way to ... ...cases. There was many times in my own childhood where I took the last cupcake, or spilled my milk. Not all of these times was I held accountable for my misdeed. The younger brother usually received the punishment that I deserved. This can also happen with murder, only death is permanent and "time out" is not. What do we say to the families of the innocently punished when such evidence comes forward to prove that their loved one was wrongly executed? There is nothing we can do or say to excuse ourselves. In conclusion, the death penalty is not right because it does not serve the purposes that it is intended to serve. I have proved that it is not an effective deterrent, but it also removes people from the world who can be rehabilitated in a proper institution.

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Behavioral Economics Essay

Introduction Behavioral Economics is an extremely important field of psychology; it seeks to expand the current tools that researchers use in economics and finance to introduce new models of human behavior that are adequately founded in psychological research. The Behavior Economics is crucial in business decision making process. The knowledge in Business and Financial Literacy is very important for their direct application to Business and Consulting Psychology. Understanding Financial Management which includes: profit & loss, cash flow, balance sheets, ratios, ROI, working capital, budgeting, financial planning, and corporate finance; and Business Management that includes: business strategy, strategic market management, micro-economic analysis, sustainable competitive advantage, strategic positioning, diversification, acquisitions, mergers, and technology management, will allow the consultant to help businesses increase their profits and improve their company’s culture. Business Management and Strategy Business Strategy is a management plan of action that an organization put in place in order to achieve a particular goal or a set of goals and objectives, this strategy can help the organization differentiate itself from its competitors. In order for a company to differentiate itself from their competitors, they need to successfully implement a strategy that will determine the market that the business will compete, the investment needed, the strategies required to compete in that specific market and the strategic resources or competencies that underline the strategy by providing a important sustainable competitive advantage (SCA) (Aaker, 2001). Budgeting and Financial Planning There are many vital managerial tools that assist in managing a successful business. Budgeting is the most common and widely used tool for planning and control; it is essentially a guideline that focuses on spending, it can breaks down all the business’ expenses in different categories, per example, utilities, payroll, taxes, materials, equipment, etc, also all the income that the business expect to receive in a certain period of time, this period of time is usually yearly, monthly or sometimes weekly. Once the manager has all the estimated income and expenses for that period of time, the budget will start to take shape. The budget goal is to subtract all the expected expenses from the expected income for the same period and still have a positive cash balance. A budget should not be a rigid and fixed tool from which you may never deviate (Wood, 2012). The Financial Planning focuses on allocating resources efficiently, specifically achieving long range goals. In summary, while the budget focuses on the daily functioning of the organization, the future depends greatly on the financial planning which in turn relies on budgeting in order to be effective. Corporate Finance The Corporate Finance addresses how organizations face their financial obligation, to intelligently invest their resources, achieve the correct combination of financing to fund their investments and return a profit to the investors; hence achieving value maximization. When a company invests in a project or multiple projects, this project will generate expenses and will create revenue for the company, but what is a project? Project is any activity that generates a series of cash flows for the organization. The company uses the revenue in excess of expenses to fund new projects, improve existing projects or pay its investors (Spiegel, 2000). Per example, applying a low-cost strategy, businesses can remove all frills and extras from its products and services (Aaker, 2001), making the organization more competitive and profitable. Financial ratios The Financial Ratios are practical indicators of a company’s financial and performance situation. The most important indicator of a business performance is profits. Profits provide the basis for the internally or externally generated capital that the organization needs to follow its growth strategies, to replace out of dated plants and equipments, and to absorb market risk (Aaker, 2001). But how can we measure the profitability of an organization? The most basic and important tool to measure profitability is the Return on Assets, which is calculated by dividing the organization’s profits by the assets involved (Aaker, 2001). The ROI measures how much profit the organization can produce with the capital that is available to them (Gitman, 2009). The company’s goal is to increase the ROI, because higher the ROI, the better. That’s why the ROA is so important for managers, investors and other business that may sell to this company. Strategic Marketing The Strategic Marketing includes creating a marketing plan that describes in detail the marketing mix, segmentation, and branding decisions. Branding is not just to increase sales in one product, but to any product that is associated with that brand. That’s why engagement matters; it pulls customers back into the business and at the end of the day leads to repeat sales (Goodman, 2012). There are many different ways to use branding to support the organizations growth strategy, but for each specific growth strategy that are different approaches that can be used in order to achieve success (Aaker, 2001). Sustainable Branding will also increase customer loyalty where customers will recognize the quality of the product or service every time that they see the brand (Aaker, 2001). Downsizing, Mergers & Acquisitions Mergers & Acquisitions essentially have the same features where the end result is one company where two existed. As stated by Shook & Roth (2010), during a merger and acquisition process, the organization will try to eliminate any overlapping positions and this process can cause downsize, which is the process of restructuring a organization in a way that brings reduction of a part of the company’s employees. If the M&A is successful, the new company will be more cost effective, efficient and mostly important, profitable (Holden, 2010). Mergers and acquisitions can also reduce significantly the competition and the overhead for both companies (Holden, 2010). Consultants can be key facilitators of a smooth transition (during a M&A) by ensuring that there is sufficient understanding and ‘buy-in’ at the leadership level about the costs of not addressing the culture issue early in the M&A process. There is plenty of empirical evidence suggesting the failure rate of M&A’s due to issues with the unsuccessful meshing of a newly merged corporate culture. During an M&A, cultural change often represents the ‘soft side’ of the transaction. Everybody agrees about its importance but it seems too frequently to take a rear seat in the stated price tag synergies to be accomplished, as well as, how the new administrative track that needs to be quickly put in practice. Conclusion The main goal of a business consultant is to provide a professional or/and expert advice, but in order to do it, it’s vital that consultants understand the need to become an expert on their client’s business and industry; it’s also very important that consultants understand the need to communicate in their clients’ language. Also, in order to be effective, the consultant should be able to use motivation to trigger the organization members to change their behavior in order to achieve the organization goals (Fernandez-Huerga, 2008). As a consultant, my goal is to support the company’s administration to resolve management, manufacturing, marketing, or other issues by providing: * Focus and direction, * Expert analytical skills, * Objectivity, and * Knowledge and experience obtained from earlier assignments Also as a professional I will help clients to define a project’s goal and capacity, and together with administration prepare a comprehensive proposal to document how the project will be implemented in order to achieve the desired objectives and steps along the way. Also I will make sure that the proposed changes are approved by the client before put in practice. Another very important issue is to maintain confidentiality during and after the assignment. My ultimate goal as a consultant will be to develop a concept of a sustainable competitive advantage (SCA) and to neutralize the SCAs of competitors (Aaker, 2001). Using the Game Strategy, which is a study of strategic decision making, the consultant will be able to develop important insights concerning the strategy and how it should be addressed providing a rational choices for businesses dilemmas (Wood, 2012). References Aaker, D. (2001). Developing business strategies (6th Ed.). New York, NY: John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Berman, K. & Knight, J. (2008). Financial Intelligence For HR Professionals. Boston, MA: Harvard Business Press. Fernandez-Huerga, E. (Sep2008). The economic behavior of human beings: The institutional/post-Keynesian model. Journal of Economic Issues (Association for Evolutionary Economics, 42 (3), 709-726. Gitman, L. J. (2009). Principles of managerial finance. (12 ed.). Boston, MA: Addison-Wesley. Goodman, G. F. (2012). Engagement marketing: How small business wins in a socially connected world. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. Holden , P. (2010). Economies of scale: a quick explanation [Video file]. Retrieved from YouTube website: Marks, M. (2003). Surviving MADness. HR Magazine, 48(6), 86. Marks, M., & Mirvis, P. H. (2012). Applying OD to Make Mergers and Acquisitions Work. OD Practitioner, 44(3), 5-12. Shook, L., & Roth, G. (2010). Downsiz ings, mergers, and acquisition: Perspectives of human resources development practitioners. Journal of European Industrial Training 32(2), 135-153. Spiegel, M. (2000). Principles of corporate finance. Unpublished raw data, Yale School of Management, Retrieved from (n.d.). Retrieved from Wickramasignhe, V. & Karunaratne, C. (Mar2009). People management in mergers and acquisitions in Sri Lanka: employee perception. Journal of Human Resource Management, 20 (3), 694-715. Wood, N. (2012). Behavioral Economics. [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from

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French Angelfish Facts

French Angelfish Facts French angelfish are part of class Osteichthyes and live in coral reefs in the Western Atlantic, from the Bahamas to Brazil and the Gulf of Mexico. Their scientific name, Pomacanthus paru, comes from the Greek words for cover (poma) and spine (akantha) due to their protruding spines. French angelfish are very curious, territorial, and often travel in pairs. Fast Facts Scientific Name: Pomacanthus paruCommon Names: French angelfish, french angel, angelfishOrder: PerciformesBasic Animal Group: FishDistinguishing Characteristics: Black scales with yellow rims in adults and black scales with yellow vertical bands in juvenilesSize: 10 to 16 inchesWeight: UnknownLife Span: Up to 10 yearsDiet: Sponges, algae, soft corals, ectoparasitesHabitat: Coral reefs in tropical coastal watersPopulation: StableConservation Status: Least ConcernFun Fact: Young French angelfish form symbiotic relationships with bigger fish. They remove parasites from other fish species and receive protection in return. Description French angelfish have thin bodies with protruding lower jaws, small mouths, and comb-like teeth. They have black scales with a bright yellow rim, and their eyes have yellow at the outer portion of the iris. Juveniles have a dark brown or black body with vertical yellow bands. As they mature, the scales begin to develop yellow rims, while the rest of the body remains black. French Angelfish, Pomacanthus paru, in Chichiriviche de la Costa, Venezuela, Caribbean Sea. Humberto Ramirez / Getty Images These fish commonly swim at depths of 15 feet, traveling in pairs in coral reefs near sponges. They are strongly territorial and will fight with neighboring pairs over areas. Due to their small bodies, French angelfish are able to swim into narrow cracks between corals to hunt and hide from predators. They swim by rowing their pectoral fins, and their long tail fins allow them to turn quickly. Habitat and Distribution French angelfish occur in coral reefs, rocky bottoms, grassy flats, and other places that provide coverage in tropical coastal waters. They have been found in the Atlantic Ocean off the coasts of Florida down to Brazil. They also appear in the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, and occasionally off the coast of New York. French angelfish can survive a wide variety of environments due to their salinity tolerance. Diet and Behavior Juvenile French Angelfish cleaning the tail of a Bar Jack underwater off the Yucatan peninsula. Alphotographic / Getty Images Adult angelfish’s diet mostly consists of sponges and algae. Many sponges have a V-shaped pattern due to French angelfish bites. They also eat cnidarians including zoantharians and gorgonians, as well as other aquatic invertebrate animals such as bryozoans and tunicates. Young angelfish eat algae, detritus, and ectoparasites cleaned off other fish. In reef ecosystems, young French angelfish set up â€Å"cleaning stations† for a variety of fish clients as a way for them to control parasites. They do so by touching the body of fish clients with their pelvic fins to remove parasites. This specialized function rivals other cleaners like gobies and shrimp. Client fish include jacks, morays, surgeonfish, and snappers, among many others. Adults form pairs, staying with their mate for life. These pairs search the corals for food during the day and hide from predators at night in cracks in the reefs. Despite being very territorial, adult French angelfish have been known to be very curious towards divers. Reproduction and Offspring French angelfish reach sexual maturity when they are around 3 years of age and about 10 inches long. Spawning occurs from April to September. They are nest non-guarders and reproduce in pairs via external fertilization. Unlike other fish that spawn in the open, French angelfish mate exclusively with their partner. The male and female will travel to the surface where they release both eggs and sperm into the water. The eggs are only 0.04 inches in diameter and hatch 15 to 20 hours after fertilization. These eggs develop in plankton beds until they can travel down to the coral reef. A hawksbill sea turtle feeds on a sponge while two french angelfish look on. Shot at the dive site Tormentos in Cozumel, Mexico. Brent Durand / Getty Images Conservation Status French angelfish are designated as Least Concern as assessed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The organization found the population of French angelfish to be stable because the current collection for aquarium trade does not impact the global population. French Angelfish and Humans French angelfish are economically important because juveniles are collected using nets to sell to aquariums and are reared in captivity. Due to their high tolerance to environmental changes, disease resistance, and their curious personalities, French angelfish make ideal aquarium fish. Additionally, they are fished for food locally in some countries like Singapore and Thailand, although there have been reports of ciguatera poisoning. This type of poisoning is caused by eating fish that contain ciguatera toxins. Sources French Angelfish. Oceana, Angelfish Facts And Information. Seaworld, Angelfishes. Marinebio,, Stacey. Pomacanthus Paru (French Angelfish). Animal Diversity Web, 2014, Paru. Florida Museum, 2017,, R., Myers, R., Rocha, L.A. Craig, M.T. 2010. â€Å"Pomacanthus paru.† The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, 2010,

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Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty

Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty, love, and sexuality. She is sometimes known as the Cyprian because there was a cult center of Aphrodite on Cyprus [See Map Jc-d]. Aphrodite is the mother of the god of love, Eros (more familiar as Cupid). She is the wife of the ugliest of the gods, Hephaestus. Unlike the powerful virginal goddesses, Athena and Artemis, or the faithful goddess of marriage, Hera, she has love affairs with gods and mortals. Aphrodites birth story makes her relation to the other gods and goddesses of Mt. Olympus ambiguous. Family of Origin Hesiod says Aphrodite arose from the foam that gathered around the genitals of Uranus. They just happened to be floating in the sea after his son Cronus castrated his father. The poet known as Homer calls Aphrodite the daughter of Zeus and Dione. She is also described as the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys (both Titans). If Aphrodite is the cast-offspring of Uranus, she is of the same generation as Zeus parents. If she is the daughter of the Titans, she is Zeus cousin. Roman Equivalent Aphrodite was called Venus by the Romans as in the famous Venus de Milo statue. Attributes And Associations Mirror, of course she is the goddess of beauty. Also, the apple, which has lots of associations with love or beauty (as in Sleeping Beauty) and especially the golden apple. Aphrodite is associated with a magic girdle (belt), the dove, myrrh and myrtle, the dolphin, and more. In the famous Botticelli painting, Aphrodite is seen rising from a clam shell. Sources Ancient sources for Aphrodite include Apollodorus, Apuleius, Aristophanes, Cicero, Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Diodorus Siculus, Euripides, Hesiod, Homer, Hyginus, Nonnius, Ovid, Pausanias, Pindar, Plato, Quintus Smyrnaeus, Sophocles, Statius, Strabo and Vergil (Virgil). Trojan War and Aeneids Aphrodite / Venus The story of the Trojan War begins with the story of the apple of discord, which naturally was made of gold: Each of 3 goddesses: Hera - marriage goddess and wife of ZeusAthena - Zeus daughter, wisdom goddess, and one of the powerful virginal goddesses mentioned above, andAphrodite thought she deserved the golden apple, by virtue of being kallista the most beautiful. Since the goddesses couldnt decide among themselves and Zeus wasnt willing to suffer the wrath of the females in his family, the goddesses appealed to Paris, son of King Priam of Troy. They asked him to judge which of them was the most beautiful. Paris judged the goddess of beauty to be the loveliest. In return for his verdict, Aphrodite promised Paris the fairest woman. Unfortunately, this fairest mortal was Helen of Sparta, wife of Menelaus. Paris took the prize that had been awarded him by Aphrodite, despite her prior commitments, and so started the most famous war in history, that between the Greeks and Trojans. Vergil or Virgils Aeneid tells a Trojan War sequel story about a surviving Trojan prince, Aeneas, transporting his household gods from the burning city of Troy to Italy, where he founds the race of the Romans. In the Aeneid, the Roman version of Aphrodite, Venus, is Aeneas mother. In the Iliad, she protected her son, even at the cost of suffering a wound inflicted by Diomedes.

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Waxing Judgmental about Judgement

Waxing Judgmental about Judgement Waxing Judgmental about Judgement Waxing Judgmental about Judgement By Maeve Maddox A reader commenting on my post about the difference between discreet and discrete was shocked by the spelling judgement in my definition of discreet (â€Å"Showing discernment or judgement in the guidance of one’s own speech and action†): Maeve, where did you find that definition of discreet â€Å"Judgment† is misspelled! For that reader, spelling the word with an â€Å"e† creates a misspelling. Other readers, commenting on other posts, objected to my use of judgment without the â€Å"e†: The verb change keeps its [e] here to indicate that the [g] is soft, not hard. (That is also why judgement is the correct spelling of this word, no matter what anyone says.) and There isn’t a single instance in English that I can think of with a root word ending in â€Å"g† where â€Å"g† has the â€Å"j† sound. The final â€Å"e† is used to cue in the reader to the correct pronunciation of the soft â€Å"g† sound. Therefore, â€Å"judgment† according to the rules of English phonics would be â€Å"jud-GUH-ment†. Clearly WRONG!!So I’ll continue to engage in pointless arguments with those who quibble with my CORRECT spelling of the word. Strong feelings, these. Like â€Å"could care less† and statements like â€Å"my head literally exploded,† the â€Å"judgment vs judgement† issue evokes passion in many English speakers. The first reader was correct to fault me on spelling judgment as judgement, not because judgement is a â€Å"misspelling,† but because I write these posts in standard American English and spelling judgment with an â€Å"e† is contrary to American spelling convention. The other two readers do not indicate what standard dialect they speak. I’m guessing that they are American speakers because they resort to the argument about the â€Å"e† being necessary to the correct pronunciation of the word. British speakers would probably defend the judgement spelling simply on the grounds that it is the preferred British spelling. The suggestion that the spelling judgment would â€Å"according to the rules of English phonics† produce the rendering â€Å"jud-GUH-ment† is preposterous. The word is formed by adding a suffix to the root word: judge+ment. Unlike the â€Å"e† we use to maintain the /j/ sound in words like rage, Marge, and usage, the â€Å"e† in judge is not necessary to signal a /j/ pronunciation. The letter combination dge is a phonogram in its own right, used to represent the /j/ sound. Dropping the â€Å"e† from it is not common, but I cannot imagine that any native speaker would attempt to pronounce dg as anything but /j/. Changeable does need the â€Å"e† to soften the â€Å"g†; judgment, abridgment, and lodgment do not. Look up judgement and lodgement in the OED and you will find the the spellings judgment and lodgment dignified as alternative spellings. (Abridgement is the only spelling given for that word.) According to the OED, [Judgement] is found in spellings with -dgm- from the early 16th century, and by the late 17th century judgment had become the prevailing spelling, although judgement was still commonly found. Kersey (1702) is an unusually early example of a dictionary in which the headword form was given as judgement . During the 19th century the form judgement gained in frequency in British contexts, and is now the usual spelling in general British use, but judgment has remained the standard spelling in British legal contexts when used to refer to a judicial decision, as well as in U.S. usage. In sum, there’s no reason American speakers can’t choose to put an â€Å"e† in judgment if they wish, but there’s nothing historically, phonetically, or morally superior in doing so. And if they’re writing for publication, a U.S. editor would surely correct it. Related posts: Judgement or Judgment? The Difference Between â€Å"Discreet† and â€Å"Discrete† Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Spelling category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Direct and Indirect Objects30 Baseball Idioms5 Keys to Better Sentence Flow

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Organizational culture is fundamentally about symbolic meaning and as Essay - 4

Organizational culture is fundamentally about symbolic meaning and as such cannot be managed. Discuss - Essay Example Similarly, Hutch (2006) indicated that organizational culture is the unique principles, beliefs and behaviors that combine to give each organization a unique character. Essentially, these definitions point out that organizational culture is the pattern of behavior that is distinct to a particular organization. The culture of an organization is created by assumptions early in the life of an organization which become the modus operandi and are passed on to new personnel of the organization. The set of beliefs that form a company’s culture may be written or unwritten but they define the way in which people behave in the organization (Robbins & Judge 2007). It is imperative that culture is cultivated throughout the life of an organization and gives the organization a sense of identity. Symbolic Meaning of Organizational Culture Organizational culture may not be easily captured or defined within an organization due to fact that it is fundamentally of symbolic meaning. The manifesta tions of organizational culture differ from place to place. Culture in itself is a socially constructed phenomenon and it reflects meanings that are constituted through interactions among the members of an organization (Fineman et al 2005). An organization’s norms are built in an organic manner that eventually forms the basis for commonly accepted modes of operation. In organizations, culture is symbolic and it is described by stories and materials that are of significance within the organization. In this regard, the organizational culture is tied to symbolic meanings that are derived from the historical experiences in the organization. Verbal symbols such stories, myths and anecdotes can be used to symbolize company culture. Every organization has captivating stories that define its success and failures. The organization’s history can be captured in myths and anecdotes that are passed to newer employees. It is notable that communication is critical in any human engage ments. Verbal symbols create mythical heroes and heroines who serve as the yardstick for acceptable behavior in a particular organization. For instance, organizations can have symbolic stories on how the founders started in a college dormitory and worked on a shoe string budget during the formative years. This can be interpreted to create a culture of limited spending and avoiding exorbitant. The stories and myths are powerful tools that can help new employees to make sense of the organization’s environment and appreciate its ethos. It was noted that: Beliefs, values and ideology are at the heart of organizations. Individuals hold certain ideas and value-preferences which influence how they behave and how they view the behavior of other members. These norms become shared traditions which are communicated within the group and are reinforced by verbal symbols (Hatch 2006, p.265). Actions such as rituals and events may be used to symbolically show the beliefs and practices withi n an organization. For instance, team retreats may hold a symbolic value within an organization. Such an activity may serve as the springboard of all product and service ideas for a company. It may be a practice within the organization that employees have to go on annual retreats to unwind and come up with product innovations. Hatch (2006) indicated that rituals can also serve as a powerful tool symbolizing the culture. Some organizations may have rituals that determine how the orientation of new

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Problem question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Problem question - Essay Example Jessica knows through other employees that a position will be open very soon but has been advised by Harrington that they ‘do not hire agency workers.’ Rachel has sought advice due to the fact that she is pregnant and considering employment options. She would like to know what her rights are to maternity leave and if there are any conditions allowing flexible scheduling before she applies for a position through Kent University as a part time accountant. It is very likely that Jessica is currently working under a ‘contract for service.’ This means that as an agency employee she is entitled to certain rights, those rights consisting of breaks during a work assignment, minimum wage, paid holidays, no unlawful deductions from pay (DirectGov), protection under the health and safety laws and freedom from discrimination in any manner. Jessica states that Nursebank has been bullying her and she would like to become employed four days a week directly with Harrington. Harrington does have an upcoming position but Jessica was told that they do not hire ‘agency workers.’ Jessica needs advice as to if this is against the discrimination policies that are legally in place. There are two factors here to consider and examine when reviewing Jessica’s complaints. The issue of Jessica’s bullying should first be explored. Bullying in the workplace can be described as being constantly picked on, ridiculed, humiliated, being overworked in comparison to other workers (Direct Gov), passed over for promotions and being threatened with dismissal. Jessica did not specify exactly how she is being bullied but these examples are not all-inclusive. Bullying is protected against through harassment and discrimination laws. Employers can be held liable for these behaviors through legal proceedings. It is important to advise Jessica that the first step she should take is to report the bullying. Review Nursebanks policies and procedures for deal ing with worker harassment and discrimination. It will become especially important that she has initially consulted and followed company procedure for reporting these actions should Jessica want to file a grievance against Nursebank. The ACAS statutory code of practice on grievance and discipline is issued under section 199 of the ‘Trade Union and Labor Relations Act of 1992’ (TSO). This sets out to establish guidelines for policy and procedure involved in grievances though the code does not necessarily need be followed exact but the employment tribunal will consider this code strongly in any cases brought up. Jessica should expect Nursebank to act promptly and consistently in investigating her complaints. Jessica has the right to be represented by her trade union, if she has one, or anyone she should use during any meetings or discussions or formal talks regarding her complaint. If the decision that the company makes in dealing with Jessica’s issue of being bull ied does not resolve the issue she can then proceed further and appeal the decision. Legal actions can be taken if there is no relief from the claim, though I would advise that Jessica ensure she has done everything possible with the grievance and appeal process so that should she need to file a suit against Nursebank she will have sufficient evidence that they have been negligent or libel. Mediation by a

Employment interviews as a selction tool Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Employment interviews as a selction tool - Essay Example There are various types of interviews. Some interviews are conducted face to face between the employer and candidate while others may be conducted electronically or on phone. In terms of forms, interviews can be classified into three types, namely structured interviews, semi-structured interviews and unstructured interviews. In the structured interviews, interviewer analyzes the skills of interview through a preformed set of questions. In the semi-structured interview, the interviewer may make the conversation apart from the questions as well. In fact, some questions are developed on the spot from the discussion. In unstructured interviews, there are no preformed questions. Quite often, very simple questions are used to assess the interest and enthusiasm of a candidate for work. For example, one of the interview questions an Assistant Engineer was asked for his assessment by Chunghwa Telecom was, â€Å"Why do you want to join our company?† (â€Å"Engineering Interview Questions†). Interview is one of the best selection tools because it promotes public relations in addition to regular assessment of

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Treatment of Schizophrenia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Treatment of Schizophrenia - Essay Example Disorganization of speech - It is a condition when person shows inconsistency in his speech. Usually this develops due to thinking disorder. Affected person can speak very fast or can frequently change topics in between sentences or can say sentences with words but no meaning (word salad). Genetic reasons, prenatal exposure to infections, social life style and some times use of drugs can develop schizophrenia. Two types of genetic disorders can be assigned with schizophrenia. One is deletion or duplication of copy number variant (i.e. very small DNA sequences) from genes responsible for the development of brain and neural signaling (Walsh et al. 2008). The other is some complex interaction of some unspecific genes through linkage i.e. when some genes co-occur then only their expressions develop the disorder (Owen et al. 2005). Early developments in neurological stages are considered to be most critical for the development of the disorder. Prenatal exposure to infection can be a major cause. Studies also have suggested that the pathology of development within uterus and development of the conditions are linked together (Brown, 2006). Socio-economic conditions can also become causes for schizophrenia. Generally these are racial discrimination, poverty, unemployment, poor living, experience of trauma in juvenile condition, relationship disorder in parents, etc (Mueser et al. 2004), (Selten et al. 2007). Drugs A huge number of Schizophrenics or similar type of patients remains under medication for a prolonged period. So, it is hard to analyze if use of drug causes schizophrenia or the use of drugs develops due to the disorder. A meta-analysis estimated that increase in the dose of cannabis could develop behavioral disorders like schizophrenia (Moore et al. 2007). Mechanism of schizophrenia Patho-physiological mechanism Many psychological researches have been conducted to determine the development of schizophrenia. Many psychological researches have been conducted to determine the development of schizophrenia. Schizophrenic conditions shows reduced thalamic neural number and volume of cortical gray matter. Reduction in cortical volume followed by early gestational

Motivation As A Contributing Factor In Second Language Acquisition Essay

Motivation As A Contributing Factor In Second Language Acquisition - Essay Example However, the issue is that there is no singular, fundamental model of motivation as it pertains to second language acquisition (SLA) that can guide instructors of a secondary language or provide further guidance to students in this domain. Therefore, it is necessary to compile the findings of several notable researchers on the subject and determine if there is a best fit model to understanding the motivational variables that contribute to SLA and long-term success after the learning has completed. It is hypothesized that it is externally-driven motivations that contribute the most influence on whether or not an individual remains motivated in this particular task, rather than inherent or intrinsic motivators related to personality, culture, or needs. However, in order to justify this hypothesis, it is necessary to view a cross-section of research findings and expert analyses on the subject to gain perspective on what drives success in SLA as it pertains to motivational stimulus. This literature review provides research data on the educational environment, personality traits in the individual learner, social constructs, and personal attitude components related to cultural values and beliefs. 3. Definitions Before discussing motivational stimulus, it is necessary to define key terms and concepts on the subject: †¢ Motives – A specific need or desire that will prompts goal-directed behaviour† ... These operational definitions will guide the premise of the literature review on each subject pertaining to motivational constructs. 4. External motivators VanTassel-Baska, Feng, McFarlane & Heng (2008) offered results of a research study involving 100 teachers from Singapore and the United States to determine their level of instructional effectiveness as it relates to second language acquisition. The study measured variables on educator competency such as differentiation strategies, critical thinking and metacognition, a form of self-awareness and knowledge of one’s own cognitive processes. In relation to second language acquisition, it was determined that all three factors related to instructional effectiveness impacted motivation in SLA (VanTassel-Baska, et al.). Teacher competency was measured by the ability to create unique classroom curriculum and assist students in understanding their own legitimate limitations as well as talents related to the task. Why is this data im portant? The methodologies employed by teachers related to their creativity and support (humanistically) in helping students identify with their weaknesses and strengths directly impacted whether or not students in SLA were successful at completing the programme. Achievement levels increased based on the differentiation strategies employed, suggesting a positive correlation with the external environment as a predictor of higher motivation. Gardner (2006) supports this assessment, offering that it is the educational context that determines whether or not students are motivated to learn a second language. The educational context involves the system where the student registered, the classroom environment, quality of the programmes offered, classroom

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Treatment of Schizophrenia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Treatment of Schizophrenia - Essay Example Disorganization of speech - It is a condition when person shows inconsistency in his speech. Usually this develops due to thinking disorder. Affected person can speak very fast or can frequently change topics in between sentences or can say sentences with words but no meaning (word salad). Genetic reasons, prenatal exposure to infections, social life style and some times use of drugs can develop schizophrenia. Two types of genetic disorders can be assigned with schizophrenia. One is deletion or duplication of copy number variant (i.e. very small DNA sequences) from genes responsible for the development of brain and neural signaling (Walsh et al. 2008). The other is some complex interaction of some unspecific genes through linkage i.e. when some genes co-occur then only their expressions develop the disorder (Owen et al. 2005). Early developments in neurological stages are considered to be most critical for the development of the disorder. Prenatal exposure to infection can be a major cause. Studies also have suggested that the pathology of development within uterus and development of the conditions are linked together (Brown, 2006). Socio-economic conditions can also become causes for schizophrenia. Generally these are racial discrimination, poverty, unemployment, poor living, experience of trauma in juvenile condition, relationship disorder in parents, etc (Mueser et al. 2004), (Selten et al. 2007). Drugs A huge number of Schizophrenics or similar type of patients remains under medication for a prolonged period. So, it is hard to analyze if use of drug causes schizophrenia or the use of drugs develops due to the disorder. A meta-analysis estimated that increase in the dose of cannabis could develop behavioral disorders like schizophrenia (Moore et al. 2007). Mechanism of schizophrenia Patho-physiological mechanism Many psychological researches have been conducted to determine the development of schizophrenia. Many psychological researches have been conducted to determine the development of schizophrenia. Schizophrenic conditions shows reduced thalamic neural number and volume of cortical gray matter. Reduction in cortical volume followed by early gestational

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Communication in Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Communication in Business - Essay Example BMW conducts its business as a genuine professional and care for its customer with respect by assuming it as their responsibility. The professional behaviour of BMW reflects from their principles which are shown at their websites. BMW strictly respects the law of the country where it operates and maintains honesty and integrity towards the employees and stakeholders. BMW Group acknowledges the requirement for understanding the needs of different people of different culture while engaging with the local network. To effectively take up environmental responsibility and provide recommendations to local network, BMW Group executes efficient business practices to deal with the environment protection, decreases energy consumption, adopts energy saving measures and regenerates energy from waste. BMW Group implements resource conservation and environmental protection. The group evaluates all procedures and creates strategy and measures to reduce the utilisation of natural resources and environmental impact. BMW is well aware of the responsibility towards environment and thus their products of vehicle are designed in such a way that it causes less impact on the environment. BMW Group follows the philosophy of clean production and applies it in their international production units. BMW’s business actions are based on the principles of resource conservation and environmental protection. BMW had established environmental management system in their production units as well as planning sectors (BMW Group 2011). BMW Group continuously examines, evaluates and monitors the risk factors and also considers the global climate change. It had successfully established systems for reducing the emissions of CO2 and waste. BMW’s resource management develops solution to decrease the energy consumption and CO2 emission. In the year 2008, BMW had developed energy data management system which helped to record the consumption of energy in details (BMW Group 2011). BMW always strives to

Christianity and Islam Essay Example for Free

Christianity and Islam Essay Christianity and Islam are two very significant Religions in the world today. Although they celebrate very different things, some of the things they celebrate are very similar. There are many differences between both religions predominantly with the way they celebrate festivals. On the other hand the rules that both religions follow are quite similar. Christianity stands as the most widespread religion with over 2 billion followers. Christians believe that there has only been one God and he is the one who created everything on the earth today. The main festivals that Catholics celebrate are Lent, Easter and Christmas. In Christianity these festivals are very momentous and are always celebrated. The reason behind why Christians celebrate these festivals is because it reminds Christians the way Jesus lived his life up to when he passed away. In the Christian Religion there are different spiritual leaders starting with the Pope, Priests, Bishops and Jesus. Christians attend Churches to pray to God and ask him for certain things but most importantly to celebrate significant days on the Catholic calendar. Islam began around 600AD in the Arabian Peninsula. The Islam community believes in one God called Allah. Islam was revealed to the prophet Mohammad in Mecca which is now modern-day Saudi Arabia. The key festivals that the Islamic community celebrate are called Ramadan which celebrates the gift of the Koran, Eid-al-Fitr which celebrates the first day after Ramadan has been completed, Dhu Al-Hijia and lastly the Eid-al-adha which is the festival of Sacrifice which occurs 70 day after the ending of Ramadan. Mohammad is an important individual when it comes to the history of Islam. He was the first person to ever be revealed to Islam and after his death many people began to follow Islam. His death gathered more people together and a wider community began to believe in the Religion of Islam. The Islamic community practices the five pillars of Islam which are Shahadah, Salaah, Zakat, Saum and Hajj. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of a 40 period which is called Lent. It is important because we follow Jesus’ journey in the desert where he was forced to fast for 40 days. The time of Ash Wednesday becomes somewhat flexible as the date changes in the Liturgical Calendar. Sundays are not counted during the time of Lent which honours the Resurrection. Lent is a time of soul-searching and repentance. Traditionally on Ash Wednesday, Christians attend a mass where ashes are placed on their forehead as a sign or remorse and mourning. They are also the symbol of willingness to prepare themselves for the events which lead Easter. During Lent, Christians abstain from eating certain foods which they desire on a daily basis. In the Western Church, Christians have a tendency to to give up meat. The term ‘fasting’ is a personal act of devotion to God. It also helps us remember God. Abstaining from something that you enjoy is designed to bring you closer to God and helps you be come a better Christian. Also during Lent, the Catholic Church encourages Christians to give back to the community or all across the world by giving loose change or clothing to help the less fortunate. Ramadan is a period of time to abstain from eating during daylight hours of the day; this is only for people with a Muslim background. It is important to the Muslim community because it was the time where God declared the Koran to the prophet Mohammed. Ramadan occurs during the Ninth month of the lunar calendar when a new moon is occurring. The fasting period of Ramadan is quite different compared to the fasting period of Lent. In Ramadan, the Muslim community it is only permitted for people to eat and drink during Sunrise and then break their fast by eating dates only again at sunset. Not only do they abstain from eating during certain times of the day, they do not smoke, they abstain from sexual intercourse, and devote a whole month to their Religion. Muslims find it very difficult to not eat during the day, especially mothers with younger children. These difficulties arise when you are hungry and preparing food for younger children as you become tempted into eating. Not everybody in the Muslim community need to refrain from eating, children that have not hit puberty, pregnant women or breastfeeding women, people who are sick or people who are on a journey. Ramadan is designed to bring them closer to Allah, strengthen their willpower and self-control and is a test of self-discipline and faith. Christianity, Lent, Islam and Ramadan are very similar because their beliefs and festivals are very similar to each other although their Religions are very different. The things which the Muslim community believe in are surprisingly similar to what Christians believe in also.

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International Effects of Oil Prices

International Effects of Oil Prices High prices of oil and steady resource depletion have raised international concerns for energy supply security. Thriving exploration is a significant factor and activity for future oil production. The global economy is currently experiencing high level of international business forces acting upon its stableness. International oil prices relation to international crisis is an essential element in the global economy. This study reveals the insights and effects of oil and gas exploration in the international crisis. This research paper presents the effects of oil prices on the international relations. The paper presents the strategies and the requirement in filling these effects by providing empirical findings on oil price volatility in relation to international trade, international terrorism, natural disasters, wars, global economic stability, global financial crises, politically instigated crises among other international variables. The foundation for this research is the correlation between oil prices and international relation. The paper presents the preliminary results and information derived from the data currently being generated by the international economy, international trade and other global organization economic watchdogs This paper explores whether there is stable and reliable oil price shocks relationship with the U.S Dollar nominal exchange rate and other countries currency. Regardless of the state of art methodologies and precise data, I find inconsistently slight logical relation between oil prices and the exchange rate. The paper generally focuses on the international crisis conduct with the emphasis on the strategies development in the detailed results of the research. These include the conflicts resolutions on the international oil prices settlements. I reviewed several prominent hypothesis and theories, methodologies about the resolution of the crisis especially to the western and the Middle East countries which are the most oil competing countries. The paper investigates factors contributing to the increase of oil price. The crude oil demand and supply and development of a crude oil prices model to include refinery utilization rates is discussed. This brings an OPEC capacity utilization non linear effect. In developing the oil prices correlation to international crisis the project focuses on the following major areas of study: Positive and negative factors that affect the international oil prices. The effects of oil and natural gas price on the global economy especially the West (Ratner, 2011). Effects of oil price on international economic variables. Finally the project outlines the relationship between oil prices and international crises. This paper explores whether there is stable and reliable oil price shocks relationship with the U.S Dollar nominal exchange rate and other countries currency. Regardless of the state of art methodologies and precise data, I find inconsistently slight logical relation between oil prices and the exchange rate. The paper generally focuses on the international crisis conduct with the emphasis on the strategies development in the detailed results of the research. These include the conflicts resolutions on the international oil prices settlements. I reviewed several prominent hypothesis and theories, methodologies about the resolution of the crisis especially to the western and the Middle East countries which are the most oil competing countries. The paper investigates factors contributing to the increase of oil price. The crude oil demand and supply and development of a crude oil prices model to include refinery utilization rates is discussed. This brings an OPEC capacity utilization non linear effect. In developing the oil prices correlation to international crisis the project focuses on the following major areas of study: Positive and negative factors that affect the international oil prices. The effects of oil and natural gas price on the global economy especially the West (Ratner, 2011). Effects of oil price on international economic variables. Finally the project outlines the relationship between oil prices and international crises. This analysis explores and studys two oil effects of oil companies that they have branches in Saudi Arabia. One is Aramco Company and Drilling Company, as their major operation is oil and they face the financial crisis in that time. The companys among others has brought the price shocks on U.S. and international economic growth. Key Words International crisis, Budget Deficit, Consumer Price Index, OPEC, foreign policy crisis, crisis management, conflict management, decision making, Oil prices, Refinery industry, , Inflation, Real Wage, Purchasing Power Parity, GPD(Gross Domestic Product). Introduction The rapid rise in the oil price is subject to debate on which many economists expresses different views. The crude oil supply from the main oil producers and other downstream sectors are perceived to have the answer to the high rise of the oil prices. The refining capacity in many countries is falling and many existence refineries have unscheduled maintain ace leading to collapse of the oil refinery thus high prices. The major oil crude oil producers from Middle East have experienced difficulties in production sufficiency in ensuring the linear supply of the oil across the globe. Oil shortage expectations are also influential on the oil prices. Major international oil regulatory organizations such as the OPEC and OECD are playing major roles in regulating the oil prices as it greatly affects the international crises. Determination of the oil prices is affected by the existence of relationship non linearity between oil prices and market delivered quantity. Extreme events of linear rel ationship may shift the market stability between supply and demand towards different types of market. In this context, the oil prices are much more sensitive to shocks than under normal conditions. Non-linearity between oil prices and the market may be caused by lags related with development of additional extraction and refining capacity (Ratner, 2011). As the production approaches the oil prices is more sensitive to supply under the given constraint. The cost of doing business increases with increase in energy prices, which tends to erode corporate profits, thus lower stock prices in the market. Higher oil prices have usually spelled bad news for most companies, excluding the oil and energy-related firms. It seems that the recent global financial crisis may have altered some fundamental rules of market behavior. Oil and stocks now make for strange bedfellows (Palash R. Ghosh, 2010). Oil prices and the U.S. stocks have moved in opposite directions. Oil prices are considered to be among the fundamental determinants of the global economic performance (Krichene, 2008). The adjustment of the oil prices leads to changes in terms of trade between oil exporting countries and importing counties. The changes are normally caused by the transfer of income and resources from the importing to the exporting countries (Richter Pahl, 2009).The degree of oil prices adjustments in global economies is based on the proportionate cost of oil to natio nal income, the extent of dependence by end-users to imported oil and their flexibility to switch to other sources of energy such as solar energy, oil sands, ethanol, biodiesel, wind energy, coal mine methane,   geothermal energy, nuclear energy,   hybrid cars, LNG, GTL, and hydrogen fuel cells  , and also dependant on the responsiveness of gas prices to the oil-prices adjustments and the level of gas intensiveness of the respective economy (Krichene 2008). This is the impact of oil prices adjustments to the other sources of energy available in a respective economy (Richter Pahl, 2009). The higher the margin of oil prices adjustments and the longer the new prices are sustained, the greater the macroeconomic impact on the global economy. Oil is the primary source of energy in almost all of the major industries in the global economy. This research seeks to analyze the correlation between oil prices and international crises Literature Review International Crisis: According to Holsti (1991), based on the systems perspective of international crisis, he defined international crisis as the circumstance or situation where normal nature of relations between countries is significantly changed. For example, the uprising in Egypt is a situation that erupted in the international system leading to conflicting interactions against domination of nations globally. Trumbore, (2000) argued that international crisis follows certain stages of progress. These stages include; the pre-crisis warning phase, the crisis phase, crisis abatement phase and finally post-crisis phase, its during a crisis that real leadership is tested. This is mainly because normally during the first stage of a crisis, no attention is normally taken. During the second phase when the crisis has taken ground, there is chain of events followed by panic, and control measures from decision makers such as the government. The crisis is normally later controlled before or after causing damage. H olsti (1980) observes that during the last phase, the post-crisis, evaluation and preventive measures are normally put in place. Factors Affecting Oil Prices and its Effects on the Global Economy especially the West. Fluctuations in oil prices have an effect on certain fundamental variants such as nominal wage, real wages, consumer price index, purchasing power parity, budget deficit inflation rate among other macroeconomic variables. (Richter Pahl, 2009). According to Krichene (2008), oil prices are primarily affected by its demand, natural disaster, and political unrests. In addition, Krichene (2008) asserts that restrictive legislation, declining oil productions and speculative buying also influence oil prices significantly. Economic empirical research shows that, when the global economy is exposed to higher oil prices, it leads to inflation, increase in input costs and decrease in investment. The West has been the major casualty of economic shocks caused by oil price fluctuations since it destabilizes their growth capacity which is largely dependent on oil (Richter Pahl, 2009). Comparative to the West, emerging economies are less hit by effects of oil prices in the short-run in form of infl ationary side effects. However, in the long-run, negative effects from the West normally trickle down to the emerging economies (Richter Pahl, 2009). Systematically, global economic effects caused and compounded by the adjustments in oil prices directly or indirectly affect international crises. For instance, the recent international crises, such as the devastating earth quake in Japan, the Arab countries in uprising, the rebels activities in Libya are speculated to dampen progress made on the global economic recession especially in the West (Ratner, 2011). Oil prices and International Crisis: Ratner (2011) an analyst in Energy Policy has observed that with the resent resignation of the long-time Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the aftermath to the natural gas and oil sector is uncertain. In fact, analysts globally acknowledge that the impact of a disrupted Egypts oil, natural gas, and or the closure of the Suez Mediterranean oil pipeline and the Suez Canal would be catastrophic to the world natural gas and oil market (Ratner, 2011).The uprising in Egypt has already led to adjustments in oil prices globally in anticipation of an international crisis. Even though Egypt is technically considered a small player in the international oil industry, its instability still has severe implication in the global market. This gives evidence of an existing relation between international crisis and oil prices. As the chief regional supplier, the most affected would be Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt accounts for only an average of 2.1% of global oil and natural gas supply with a proven 1.2% of worlds gas reserves (Ratner, 2011).Away from oil production, the recent devastating Japans earthquake has already send aftershocks around the global market. In addition to the loss of over 10 000 people, destruction of Japans nuclear power plants leading to radiations emissions, there is a pending economic international crisis. Due to the earth quake impact on the Japanese economy, the production to cars is expected to decline sharply leading to adjustment in prices of oil. This suggest there direct or indirect relationship between the prices of oil and international crisis. The instability in Libya has also led to the soaring of global oil prices which has had led to inflationary pressures globally. Libya holds most of the oil reserves in Africa and it is actually the 15th largest crude oil exporter accounting for 1.2 million barrels of oil daily. It is feared that production losses in this North African country are bound to be absorbed by countries such as Saudi Arabia as a mechanism of compensating for the shortage. Motivation Study of oil prices in global economic and international crisis is an important entity. There is need for study of the relation with international crises .Research on the correlation between oil prices and international crises is important because the findings from this study will address most of the international crises in the world. In the recent global financial crisis, the findings from this research will be essential to control, mitigate effects on the global economy and forestall reoccurrence of the negative impacts in the future. Understanding the correlation of oil prices with international crises such as wars, poverty, the Arab uprisings, situation in Afghanistan, the struggles in Iraq among others would be influential to policy makers in coming up with conclusive political and macroeconomic policies. The research inclusively enhances the global trade market in understanding the root cause of the products price increase. It opens fresh ground and enhances the studies of oil alternative source of energy to reduce overdependence on oil as the primary source of energy. Furthermore, the results from this research will also enhance international relations among nations. Also it will add empirical findings to the existing body of knowledge to the nature of oil and now its relation with international crises. The sustained growth of international business over the past two decades is one of the most significant and dramatic trends across the globe in reducing the international crisis. Business market and trade of most goods and services have significantly expanded with the development in the effective financial implementations in the world (Holsti, 1991). The effect of the oil prices is widely felt in many products but the international business is working towards reducing the oil prices effects. The integration of technology, investments, communication has enhanced the todays global trade and business connecting the world economies together. Corporate empires emergence in the global economy has changed the business platform which has enhanced the globalization of production (Trumbore, 2000). Problem Statement Todays foreign policy devise policies without understanding fundamental variables influencing international crisis in regard to oil prices and vice versa. The crude oil supply from the main oil producers and other downstream sectors are perceived to have the answer to the high rise of the oil prices. The refining capacity in many countries is falling and many existence refineries have unscheduled maintenance leading to collapse of the oil refinery thus high prices. The major oil crude oil producers from Middle East have experienced difficulties in production sufficiency in ensuring the linear supply of the oil across the globe. The empirical study at the two Saudi Arabian oil companies reveals that, the international crisis has an influential factor from these particular companies. Aramco Company and Drilling Company are oil production companies in Saud Arabian region on which they are currently facing the financial crisis. Their conditions on the futures markets have an effect on stock behaviors thus the oil price setting. Their crude oil prices model is increasingly rising affecting the international oil prices. This includes the refinery utilization rates, OPEC capacity utilization non linear effect and deteriorating of futures markets conditions. These are the explanatory variables that exist between the international crisis and the crude oil production. The drilling company is generally on critical conditions as the finding shows the employees satisfaction thus unstable expertise in the company. This further contributes to low level of productions. There is also incapacity of the crude oil storage thus the production level is dependent on the capacity storage. The adjustment of the oil prices in the companies shows a rapid rise anticipated by high level of production cost. According to the companys work force, the oil exploitation processes which involves the ground drilling is gradually becoming complex. This has led to an increase in exploitation costs as more resources are required thus affecting the oil prices. The low level of production has led to international crisis as the companys are struggling to sustain the global oil market. There is resistance by some of the companys workforce to the declines in wages as the oil price increase and the international crisis typically causes an upward pressure on nominal wage levels. External forces such as the Oil regulating organization which includes OPEC is also affecting the companys marketing position due to the unfavorable policies (Holsti, 1991). According to the companys expertise the there has been maintenance of a low stock in provision of efficient oil. They urge that sufficient stock ensures the supply sustainability thus avoiding the oversupply or under supply of the oil. The methodology used to explore the companys conditions on the oil prices involves the updated quarterly data set. The data set is used in estimating the price equation which involves an expansion to accommodate other market conditions across the globe. The wide range of variables enables the estimation of the oil prices co integrating relationship in the companys. Quarterly data set used in evaluating OPEC effect on the oil prices in the company includes observation of the average imported oil from the company. The data showed a decrease in the average as the price rises up. The oil production and the rate of refinery utilization in the company affect the global oil prices thus international crisis. Essentially, co integration between the international oil prices entails that the exploitation rates across the world share the same stochastic trend. Different stochastic trends in oil production and refining rates prevent co-integration among different types of oil prices when the expl oitation rates do not share the same stochastic trend. Refinery utilization rates and the exploitation affect crude oil prices based on the companys refineries ability of crude oil conversion to final products. Essentially there are different qualities of crude oil which includes the sweet and sour as well as the heavy and light. The companies oil exploitation and refineries are designed to specifically operate in specific crudes. Therefore there is rise and fall of crude values based on the availability of specific types of crude relative to existing refining capacity. Lack of efficient refining capacity has contributed to the rise of the oil prices and international crisis in the company Trumbore, (2000). The companys also lacks the sufficient oil production capacity and existence of a non-linear relationship between supply and the oil prices. Results The results acquired from the data collected are generally categorized into the three hypotheses which were the guidelines of the empirical testing. The companys oil prices have a considerable level of impact on the international oil market. Empirical investigation on the companys oil production activities presented their effect on the international crisis. The analyzed data collected from the companies showed diverse reactions from different collected materials. The increase on the oil exploration costs in the companys has been a major cause of their low level crude oil production. This has an impact of international financial crises on the oil price as they adjust the prices now and then for profitable returns. The correlation relationships between the oil price and the financial crisis of the company have been a major hindrance of the companys growth. Results indicated that the oil refining sector plays a vital role in the recent oil price increase. This effect is related with shifts in the heavy and light grades production of crude oil as well as the price stretch between them. Existence of non linear relationships between OPEC spare capacity and oil prices account for real oil prices changes. The conditions on the futures markets also affect the non linear relationship. Many experts urge that the high oil prices on the global economy are contributed by a number of factors which with the change in oil prices. The changes in GDP were small as compared with past economic recession. The period of oil price shocks experienced drops on GDP growth. The increase in oil prices has affected most of the oil importing countries and the OECD countries. Oil prices and the global economy There exists a paradox and complicated relationship between oil prices and the economics. Production functions used by many economists are basically net of the purchased input. Saudi Arabia production is anticipated to rise within few years due to the experienced bubble in 2008. The oil prices fluctuations effects experienced on 1973 cannot be ignored. It left a great damage to global economy. The debate on the relationship and the effect of the oil prices on the economic activity is complicated by methodology issues. The substance also raises argument on the oil price in relation to economic activity (Trumbore, 2000). The current prices uses the consumer price indexes in economic data deflation recorded in current oil prices. Many of the oil consumers are industrial and commercial enterprises with a distance from the ultimate consumers. Frequently a rise on the oil price can bring the recession although extended economic growth period can provoke an oil prices increase. The principle drivers on the prolonged economic growth seem to have a history of great recession on the nations economy. Failure of the country in financial crisis anticipation brings about the great recession. The impact of the oil prices rise is normally nonlinear and asymmetrical as the dollar per barrel increase has different impact on a dollar per barrel decrease at another. Symbolically what rises does not necessary falls the same way. In essence it is difficult to forecast the oil prices demand, and supply for the oil production than it is for the other industries. Oil production industry is relatively different from many other industries. From my preliminary research there is a declining of pressure in majority of reservoirs across the globe. The declining level is sustained by the injection of natural gas, CO2, water or any other energy source. The prompted injection and the consequent cleaning of the crude in the surface consume energy. The processes of extracting the oil from underground are even more energy exhaustive. The energy consumed further increase the oil prices in the market contributing to the international crisis. The high level of technologically complex oil industry complicates the whole economical process which often takes long period of time to commercial fruition. Fluctuation of the oil prices is great than many industrial prices. Many producers especially the Middle East producers have taken long full production periods after the completion of the initial geological work. Thus oil drillers easily fear the risks in prices and other economic activity. The Middle East countries which are the major oil producers have been vulnerable to wars and attacks from terrorism. The terrorism activities have made the oil production unstable due to vulnerability of attacks in the regions. According to studies the Saudi Arabia region is vulnerable to criminal activities thus the oil producing companies fears the attacks. There marine oil transportation has been also faced threats from the pirates a nd other encountered problem in the transportation process. Large amount of European oil is imported through the Red sea between the Yemen and Somali(Richter, Pahl, 2009). There have been many cases of tankers hijacking in seas leading to loss of large amount of capital. This increase the international crisis as the producers is unable to fully exploit oil or transport it due to fear of losses. Heterogeneous nature of the oil market contributes to slow growth of the economy. Many operates in a decentralized and competitive market thus a forms a postulated mainstream. There is an excessive gross margin since the World War II. The international oil prices have intensified the international crisis on which it had defied a competitive market equilibriums basic rule. The margins have currently exceeded the addition cost of oil barrel production. Saudi Arabia region was the supplier of last resort in the period of $2 oil price but its oil costs has incrementally risen to 13% per oil barrel. Today there is no clear indication of the last resort supplier nor the incremental cost due to international crisis experienced. Most of the estimates on the gross margin are apparently below the recent years, market prices of the fuel. Consequently, the incremental gross margins comprehended by oil producing nations are positive. Most of them have a large average gross margins based on the variation between market average prices and out-of-pocket average costs. This provides the correlation between the oil crisis and the international crisis. The oil prices are non equilibrium but there is existence of equilibrium ranges of the oil prices. This leads to an elusive and fragile economic growth in the world. The equilibrium ranges are generated from the time lags of oil processing and transportation. To avoid the time lag oil producers uses the future and forward markets for speculative and hedging purposes. These markets have a major effect on the international crisis on which they become vulnerable to other markets players. These players lay off the bets from other markets and all of a sudden enter the futures markets triggering crisis. The players who are initially the speculators brings about the conflicts in the oil market increasing the international crisis. In the recent oil run up of 147 dollar per barrel, the futures market speculators are estimated to have increased the oil prices from 10 dollar to 20 dollar thus risking the international price of oil. Oil Prices and the Currency Market Oil plays an important role in the global currency market. The price of oil increased dramatically in 2008 when the US dollar value fall as compared to the other currencies. The relationship is that, when the dollar gets weak in its value leads to increase in oil prices thus international crisis. Oil is a very important resource as it is the main source of energy in many production industries. The rising prices have big impact on the inflation of the international economy as it creates added fuel surcharges. The surcharges therefore trigger the core inflation of the world economy as central banks maintain high interest rates. Deficits in nations have increasingly grown with the occurrence of the global economic crisis that started in 2008 due to high oil prices. This has led to global economic effect and the international crisis across the globe on which many economists urges that country should run deficits during periods of recession and those of high unemployment. Financial markets across the globe expresses have expresses fears due to increased in oil prices. They have expressed some behavioral characteristics and explanations of the largely market outcomes particularly of financial flows of both policymakers and investors significant practical consequences of the international crisis. Correlation Oil prices can be correlated positively to international financial markets as seen from the companys empirical study. The world basic products rise as the prices as the price of oil continued to rise, thus this is far much correlated. The period between 2003 and 2006, the world experienced an economic growth. It is easy to make a correlation at this time period as the period experienced the businesses success in many major industries that led to the market rise. At this period the oil price rose as well, though the two were not really it correlated. Financial analysts argue that oil doesnt necessarily bring a positive correlation to the financial markets. Alternatively financial markets perform well while the price of oil is rising. Negative correlation commonly accepted relationship between financial markets and oil prices. Many companies spend more when the oil prices are high to run their business. The logical explanation to this is that most companies ship their products. Compani es also use oil as the source of the energy for the production machinery. Therefore oil is a prime factor in the international crisis. The price of oil and inflation The oil price and inflation are more connected in grounds and effect relationship.   Inflation follows the oil price movement; as the prices of oil moves  down or up, it is accompanied by inflation in the same direction. This is because, oil is plays a major role in economic input. It is widely used vital activities thus the rise of input costs leads to increase of cost of end products. The raise of pricing increases the inflation level. The inflation led to the development of the consumer price index (CPI) which measures the inflation. The deterioration of the relationship between inflation and oil started after the 1980s. Generally the wars of the 1990s at Gulf  War  oil crisis led to doubling of oil prices. The expansion of the foreign exchange to incorporate the oil stocks has affected both the domestic financial accounts and international clients hedging activities. This has been reflected in international crisis as many corporations struggles to sustain their dominance in the market. The foreign exchange is much dominated by the U.S dollar which is followed by the euro and sterling. Emerging oil markets and the international business exposure of many oil producing countries has increased the hedging activities in the foreign exchange. The degree of exchange rate flexibility and the movement of capital across the globe have increased high level of inflation risks. Oil export strategies are underpinned by valued exchange rates generating precedential reserve accumulation in the exchange rate adjustment. Capitals exporting in oil finance investment have been considerable drivers of lower global long-term interest rates in the international business (Richter, Pahl, 2009). The oil shocks have affected the world trade structure. Macroeconomic Impacts of High Oil Prices A high oil demand arises from the products demand that uses oil in their production. Changes in oil prices are shared by the consumers in the prices of the final oil products. The foreign producers are spending more on importing their goods to their respective countries due to high level of fuel prices. Many countries economic purchasing powers are depleted and instead there has been a high level of deficit on many economies(Richter, Pahl, 2009). This is due to high level of borrowing due to budget overruns of many countries. This has further contributed to international crisis across the globe. The increased price of the oil forces many countrys businesses to invest heavily on the exports production, as opposed to available domestic demand for goods and ser